Offsetting Carbon One Shopping Cart at a Time

81% increase in Shopify app installs

+134 positions gained in organic search rankings

108% increase in website conversions

Driving Demand for Carbon Neutral Shipping

Cloverly is on a mission to neutralize emissions through carbon removals and offsets. The company turned to Alloy to create an inbound marketing program that would drive demand among a key target audience – ecommerce retailers.

At the outset of the campaign, Cloverly launched a new partnership with Shopify, allowing Shopify store owners to install the Cloverly app to offer carbon-neutral shipping to customers. This highly targeted segment of retailers was our primary focus to drive app installs and, ultimately, to increase the number of daily offsets.

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Full Funnel Ad Strategy Drives Installs

Alloy created an all-encompassing marketing strategy to build awareness and drive action from Cloverly’s ecommerce audience.

Using a combination of SEO, paid search, Shopify app store ads, display ads, and paid social campaigns, our goal was to spread Cloverly’s value proposition across the entirety of the marketing funnel.

Top to bottom, we created messaging to reach prospects at each point of their journey. As we tested various platforms, landing pages, messaging, imagery and targeting, we honed in on specific tactics with the most ROI – those that were driving leads at an accelerated rate and efficient cost.

Turning On Momentum for Offsets

Within 4 months of promoting Cloverly’s carbon offset app, we drove up net new merchants by 81%. Compared to the previous period, we increased the growth rate by 85%. Our efforts also drove Cloverly brand awareness through an 18% increase in website traffic, 24% increase in average session duration and 108% increase in site conversions compared to the previous period.

Combined, these efforts helped Cloverly achieve its priority business goal – increasing offsets – and served as a model for targeting audiences within the other Cloverly use cases, such as transportation and supply chain.

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