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Unbabel is an AI-powered Language Operations (LangOps) platform that helps businesses deliver multilingual customer experiences at scale. With the LangOps category just emerging and buyers being inundated with artificial intelligence tools, Unbabel needed to break out early and be seen as the leader in multilingual translation. The company engaged Alloy to help it increase competitive differentiation and drive demand for new products globally.

Alloy and Unbabel kicked off with back-to-back announcements aimed at building awareness and interest in the company by sharing its story of growth and innovation. First we announced an acquisition that brought Unbabel into new vertical markets, followed by the launch of a self-service demo for potential customers to try Unbabel’s translation capabilities. Simultaneously, Alloy designed engaging online assets and promotions to drive traffic to its gated content.

Following the initial push, Alloy doubled down on an AI narrative that set Unbabel apart from the hype. We knew that showcasing the company’s expertise and the tangible power of its AI products amongst a sea of competitors would be critical. Leveraging meaningful messaging that cut through the noise, Alloy created an integrated marketing program including thought leadership, content, corporate communications, and impactful product news to increase brand awareness and trust, ultimately driving demand in target verticals.

With a lack of information around how to implement AI, Alloy developed a data-backed ebook, Unlocking the New Era of Machine Translation. This gated content helped business executives across Unbabel’s ICP answer the question, “Where do I start?” when it comes to AI. It also marked a pivotal change in Unbabel’s AI messaging, moving from why AI is a critical business tool to how companies can best utilize it to make strategic business decisions.

A promotional campaign including social, email marketing and more drove helped fill Unbabel’s sales pipeline.

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Through our integrated PR and marketing program, Alloy built awareness, increased competitive differentiation and drove demand for Unbabel’s AI product suite within the growing translation industry.

Media research

In order to build a program that both elevated Unbabel as a strong AI company and differentiated it within the LangOps and translation industries, Alloy started with media audits diving deep into each sector. Our findings yielded white space around which AI storylines would best resonate with personas in translation and among broader technology audiences.

Social KPIs

Alloy also conducted a social media audit to determine which channels and content would effectively target and engage personas. We then set platform benchmarks for growing Unbabel’s presence and audience. As LinkedIn - our primary channel - favors content that keeps users on the website, we targeted high engagement rate goals there while leveraging X to support web traffic KPIs.

Content marketing

Utilizing our foundational research, we also worked with Unbabel to update its content marketing strategy, determining the right mix and goals for each format. We then built and executed a promotional strategy to achieve those metrics while reaching Ubabel’s overarching goal of competitive differentiation and global demand.

Goal-oriented programming

Armed with a persona-specific PR, social media, and content strategy, Alloy hit the ground running, landing an above average 5.24% engagement rate and 2.06% conversion rate across all social media channels, driving over 650K engaged website visitors, and skyrocketing the company to #2 in share-of-voice versus competitors.

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“Alloy is one of the best — if not the best — agency we've ever worked with. Everyone is easy to work with and so responsive. The team has become indispensable and a true extension of our team.”

Reanna Mardinger, VP of Communications, Brand & Digital