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Instant Financial is a pioneer in earned wage access (EWA), electronic tips and paycard solutions, the first to invent a fee-free model and committed to providing a wide range of responsible and dependable options for employees to access their pay. In order to retain its industry leadership and capture market share, Instant asked Alloy to help accelerate brand awareness and drive inbound leads by amplifying its unique positioning.

Knowing payroll buyers’ motivations as well as current public opinion on the workplace, Alloy suggested a longitudinal data report focusing on the need for EWA across generations. 

Titled Wages & Wellbeing: Analyzing the Impact of Same Day Pay, the report’s distribution aimed to: 1. reach the screens of payroll decision makers, and 2. create a bubble up effect among hard-working Americans — encouraging them to put pressure on their employers to provide free access to earned wages.

As Instant aimed to capture new buyers and make themselves stickier with existing end-users, the first step was to determine which data would tell the best story. Coming out of a global pandemic and into their first real jobs made Gen-Z a very hot topic. Businesses wanted to hire them and media wanted to write about them. So, Alloy gave them what they wanted, with a Gen-Z focused release and lots of bite-size pieces of compelling data all about Gen-Z. This approach delivered a surge in media coverage and a significant increase in website referrals.

QoQ increase in organic search traffic
QoQ increase in share of voice
increase in website referrals

By asking the right questions and telling the most compelling story possible, Alloy boosted Instant’s brand awareness and underlined the urgency for prospects to adopt their solution, increasing referrals and organic traffic to the website.

Humanizing complex tech to foster relatability & trust

To create emotional connection and resonance, Alloy steered clear of the complex jargon and intricate functionalities that can often alienate stakeholders, and instead leaned into creating more compelling narratives that would  balance the technical aspects of EWA with the human-centric piece, making the need for responsible and dependable options for employees to access their pay relatable to diverse audiences.

By creating ideal headlines and working backward, Alloy collaborated with The Center for Generational Kinetics and Instant to create the necessary questions to get the data for a targeted narrative that would stand out from the crowd.

Relying on our knowledge of a fragmented media landscape that requires nuanced and custom outreach, when the report went live,  Alloy secured a feature in Reuters, with a CEO interview in Moneywise the following week, which was syndicated multiple times, including Yahoo! Finance. 

After 90 days, the B2B FinTech PR push had boosted share of voice almost 200%, and the increase in visibility drove a 20% increase in website referrals. The SEO-rich blog and social content that Alloy created drove a significant portion of report downloads and bumped positioning on three target keywords by more than 100%, driving a 14% QoQ spike in organic search traffic.

Don't just take our word for it

“Finding a vendor that becomes a true business partner can often be like finding a unicorn -—everyone talks about it but no one’s actually seen one. In this case, Alloy has been our unicorn, and has shown their true commitment to our business and our success.”

Ryan Ashton, VP Marketing