Influencing Public Opinion of Micro-Mobility

Tripled ridership during the Super Bowl

95% positive or neutral-sentiment online coverage

Secured local government contracts

A Three-Wheeled Challenge

First launched as an e-bike company, Lime soon began deploying e-scooters in markets nationwide. While the new presence of fun, bright-colored scooters on America’s sidewalks, roads and trails drew lots of attention, the company was also faced with skepticism as negative headlines around micromobility filled local papers.

So, Lime approached tech PR agency Alloy to represent the brand across the Southeast region in order to 1) differentiate its products from competitors who were also pounding the pavement, 2) increase ridership among new and existing users, and 3) combat misleading headlines on scooter safety.

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Building a Formidable Brand City-by-City

Alloy customized programs for each Southeastern market, laddering up to Lime’s global brand goals. For example:

  • From Little Rock to Chattanooga, we launched brand campaigns to introduce e-scooters and entice consumers to become users.
  • When Nashville’s mayor proposed a ban on all e-scooters due to safety concerns, we activated a crisis communications plan to not only influence public opinion, but also showcase how Lime’s safety features were superior to its competitors.
  • In the weeks leading up to Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, we built awareness among locals and visitors alike, gaining 1M+ views of Lime’s promotional video and educating sports fans on the benefits of using e-scooters over rail and cars for the mega event.

Getting Millions of Riders Onboard

In a little over a year, Alloy secured hundreds of headlines and social media shares in the Southeastern U.S. on behalf of Lime. Each market that we activated a tech PR campaign in saw a lift in ridership and revenue.

For example, in Atlanta ridership tripled during the Super Bowl, and 95% of annual press coverage was positive or neutral sentiment – aiding the company’s online brand reputation. In Nashville, Lime was successful in securing a local government contract to continue operations. Our rapid response plan in the Music City became a blueprint for other markets where Lime faced public scrutiny.

Today, Lime is the world’s largest shared electric vehicle company and its momentum rides on.

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