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The Race to Secure a Market Opportunity

Stockholm, Sweden-based Specops Software is a global leader in password security and authentication solutions. Since the company’s founding, employee passwords have increasingly become known as the weakest link in an organization’s network. In fact, passwords are at the root of 80% of data breaches. As a result, Identity and Access Management (IAM) has become an overwhelmingly necessary line item within midmarket and enterprise cybersecurity budgets.

In 2021, Specops tapped Alloy to support its go-to-market strategy in North America and the UK so it could seize this growing revenue opportunity.

Alloy-Specops-Case Study article image
Alloy-Specops-Case Study article image

Making FUD fun

While companies were allocating more dollars to
IAM, IT departments still needed education on this growing risk in order to make the best spending decision.

Alloy and Specops knew that in order to capture this demand, we first had to engage prospects at stages 1 and 2 of their buying journeys with awareness-building and educational content. To make content marketing and PR efforts relatable to the IT persona, our team got creative and developed framework full of fun, not FUD.

Alloy identified current events, like Major League Baseball Opening Day, and married them with Specops’ own data. For example, ahead of the Oscars, we revealed that “Rocky” had shown up on breached password lists 96k times.

Welcoming Top-of-Funnel Leads

While the campaign might have made some guilty Rocky fans cringe, it was successful at showcasing the enormity and complexity of password-driven threats.

Within six months, Alloy secured 30+ media placements across target U.S. and UK outlets, including Tier 1 publications such as TechRepublic, Forbes, CNET, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. The articles referred hundreds of qualified readers to Specops’ website where they were then funneled to read more blogs, datasheets and whitepapers – nurturing buyers in their quest to reduce password-driven risk.

Alloy-Specops-Case Study article image

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