A Scary Good Digital Marketing Campaign

Drove nearly 1K new contacts

Decreased cost per conversion by 68%

Exceeded email open rate by 259%

Roll Call for a New CIP Certification Program

As it geared up to launch a new CIP certification program for cybersecurity stakeholders, OPSWAT, a cybersecurity solution designed to protect critical infrastructure by eliminating malware and zero-day attacks, challenged Alloy to develop a marketing campaign driving new users into the OPSWAT nurture stream and as registrants for the OPSWAT Academy.

Understanding the end goal of turning course registrants into OPSWAT brand ambassadors and future customers, Alloy got to work.

OPSWAT’s website homepage that Alloy drove inbound marketing leads towards.

Using Measurable Marketing Tactics to Drive Course Registrants

To drive Academy course registrants, Alloy took an approach that OPSWAT had never used before – launching a content-driven campaign centered around promoting a downloadable eBook on the evolution of critical infrastructure cybersecurity training. 

Alloy implemented an associated landing page on the OPSWAT website, email marketing, social ads, Google Search ads, display ads, and YouTube video ads targeted towards current customers, prospects, website visitors, and cybersecurity stakeholders at critical infrastructure organizations.

As more users were added into the nurture flow, we launched a 3-part email nurture series delivered to eBook downloaders, driving them to take the next step in registering for the Academy.

Adding 1K New Leads Added to the Nurture Stream

Within 3 months, Alloy’s content marketing approach resulted in nearly 1K new contacts from the first-ever OPSWAT eBook, attracting many new prospects to OPSWAT’s nurture stream.  Our digital ads  proved to be especially effective, as they drove a cost per conversion 68% less expensive than OPSWAT’s ads 2019 benchmark. Additionally, our 3-part email nurture series resulted in 30 Academy course registrations and email open rates & click through rates beat OPSWAT email marketing benchmarks for 2019 by 259% and 146% respectively.

An email within Alloy’s nurture program for OPSWAT to turn leads into customers.

“The team is great!”

Doug Ribback

Marketing Director

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