Turning a 130-year-old Giant into a 5G Visionary

Secured 90 media placements in 30 days

500+ unique visitors in 4 weeks

Added 50+ MQLs to the pipeline in 30 days

Jumping into the Ultramodern 5G Market

In 2020, a global provider of next-gen power solutions for mission critical environments partnered with Alloy to develop a communications campaign that would enable the company to stake a leadership position in the 5G/wireless market.

The problem? Startups and more modern telecom brands had led the 5G conversation for several years prior, giving the 130-year-old global brand an uphill climb.

Placing a Brand in the Center of Conversations

Our ‘hurry-to-market’ plan included:

  1. Leveraging the company’s wireless SMEs via a series of contributed articles and timely interviews about the latest 5G deployments.
  2. Collaborating with an international market research firm to curate the client’s first-ever 5G data report. The content piece highlighted the implications of 5G beyond consumer smartphones, as well as the top concerns surrounding deployment.
  3. Extending the new report and thought leadership catalog across social media platforms to position the client’s primary SME as an authoritative resource on the arrival of 5G.

From Legacy Brand To Futuristic Thinker

Within just 30 days, Alloy placed a series of 13 thought leadership articles on powering the 5G revolution, breaking through into top-tier outlets such as ZDNet and Network Computing for the first time. The articles explored the newly available C-band frequencies, the infrastructure needed to support 5G network demands and much more.

The data report was so uniqeuly interesting, that when it was published, six additional headlines ran in top tier telecom, power and other key trade publications. Every story covering the 5G data report included a backlink to the landing page, driving over 500 unique visits and 53 report downloads within a short one-month time frame.

“Once I met the team, saw the audit results and heard your thoughts on how to address them, I realized this isn’t just a regular agency full of ‘agency people’ throwing out a bunch of tactics. My Alloy team cares about our business (almost as much as we do) and helping us improve it.”
Anonymous CMO

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