Building Excitement for the Arrival of Autonomous Vehicles

13,000 words of content produced in 12 months

Gains in SEO and online engagement

Content hooked attention of Tier I media

Acquired for $550M

Racing to Own an Emerging Category

In 2012, ride-sharing leader Lyft (LYFT) began building a transportation network uniquely capable of scaling autonomous vehicles. This self-driving division was dubbed Level 5. While AVs were growing in awareness, the category was arguably still being created in earnest, and Lyft wanted to plant its flag as a leader. Its marketing department knew that a technical content program was key to differentiating its technology and thought leaders, so it enlisted Alloy in 2020.

Lyft-The future of transportation

Product Marketing as Sophisticated as the Technology Itself

Our tech marketing agency partnered hand-in-hand with Level 5’s marketers to create a content calendar that unpacked hot AV topics and gave stakeholders a glimpse into what Lyft’s engineers were building as it aimed to provide safety and accessibility for global riders.

The technical content marketing program included SEO-rich blogs and long-form content pieces that both verbally and visually illustrated Lyft’s industry leadership and product capabilities.

Getting All Stakeholders on Board

The awareness and engagement campaign was successful at capturing mindshare among riders, drivers, influencers, top-technical talent/recruits, as well as strategic partners. In fact, Lyft’s first-ever Voluntary Safety Self-Assessment (VSSA) Report was widely covered by media, including Engadget and Forbes.

In 2021, the success of Lyft’s AV technology, world-class engineers and technical marketing efforts led to Woven Planet, a subsidiary of Toyota, acquiring the self-driving division for $550M.

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