Proving AI’s Value to the Future of Grocery and Retail

6 media placements in influential trade media

38 qualified report downloads, including ABM targets

Several Fortune 500 brands added to the pipeline

Needing to Create Demand for an Unproven Solution

Rubikloud, a leader in AI software for retailers and grocers, wanted to validate that retail tech built on artificial intelligence (AI) could help grocers improve customer loyalty and business profitability. However, at the time, AI solutions were novel and not yet widely adopted – especially for physical retail stores.  

So Rubikloud had to prove the promise of AI to grocers without customer use cases in order to penetrate the market and build a pipeline. It’s go-to-market strategy centered on profiles of ABM targets that would want to be early adopters of Rubkiloud’s disruptive demand planning tool.

Rubikloud’s CEO discussed AI’s role in the future of grocery at Groceryshop

Utilizing Integrated Marketing to Reach ABM Targets

Without customer stories to show validation, Alloy created an integrated marketing campaign that centered around a commissioned survey. The resulting data report illuminated the challenges that retail and grocery managers face with stockouts and customer loyalty – and more importantly, how AI could help. 

The gated content marketing piece was timed to launch around Groceryshop, the largest industry event reaching Rubikloud’s target decision-makers. Alloy pre-pitched the findings to media attending the tradeshow, and then launched a full-scale distribution strategy for the report’s go-live day, including social media, blogs, bylines and more.

Facilitating Intros with Fortune 500 Retailers and Grocers

The strategy worked. By launching the report at Groceryshop, Rubikloud was able to get in front of key decision-makers within the industry.The company’s CEO was interviewed by four reporters on the tradeshow floor and the brand was covered in six influential grocery and IT publications.
Moreover, Rubikloud secured 38 qualified downloads during the first quarter of its release. The conversions included several prominent Fortune 500 companies that were not previously in Rubikloud’s nurture stream, but among its ABM targets. 

In the year that followed, Rubikloud’s momentum in the marketplace accelerated, leading it to ultimately be acquired by Knaxis.

Rubikloud’s grocery data report was downloaded by 38 quality leads, including Fortune 500.

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