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Historically, Brightwell, a global payments solution, has had a heavy footprint in the cruise industry. But in 2022, the company was ready to reposition itself and expand into the broader payments sector with the launch of its remittance, compliance and disbursement solutions.

Experiencing a lull during the global pandemic, the company needed to expand its offerings and enter new markets, which required the brand to expand beyond cruise payroll. With a goal to become a major Fintech provider, Brightwell planned to leverage its history and experience in payroll to manage money movements around the world.  

Entering the crowded and noisy finance market and quickly filling the sales pipeline was no easy lift. As a result, Brightwell turned to Alloy to reposition the company and create a go-to-market strategy for its new offerings, effectively reaching entirely new sets of personas in new verticals to hit the company’s deadline-driven marketing and sales goals.

As Brightwell planned to expand into the corporate disbursement market, the company needed to understand the common challenges and motivators for companies to refresh their approach to paying out and refunding partners, vendors, employees and customers. Alloy created a testing framework for two separate industries to not only understand the motivators that would resonate, but also identify the roles that are most receptive to its offering. Through this work, Alloy helped Brightwell narrow down effective marketing messaging and identify influencers within the buying process.

Marketing qualified leads
of ABM target audience reached
increase in new product keyword ranking positions
engagements driven around Brightwell’s corporate disbursement capabilities within 3 months

By utilizing an ABM approach for Brightwell’s GTM strategy, Alloy built a solid sales pipeline and drove interest in Brightwell’s remittance, disbursements and compliance capabilities.

Channel optimization for sales

While increasing MQLs was the ultimate goal, Alloy audited Brightwell's digital, media and social programs to uncover areas to also improve top-of-funnel momentum. Using this information, Alloy created a strategy to ensure Brightwell's SEO and social media activities enabled it to engage influencers and decision-makers at the right time. In addition, we audited the media relations environment, understanding trends from credible media sources and competitors to identify topics for Brightwell's SMEs to own to gain credibility within a new industry.

Testing for market validation

To enter new industries, Alloy created the client’s product marketing messaging to ensure consistency across all marketing activities and channels. In addition, when hypotheses arose around what messaging would make influencers and decision-makers act, we conducted A/B testing to narrow in on the right value proposition to get prospects to convert.

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