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Mealtime should be a happy time, but for millions of kids and caregivers, it can be the most painful time of the day. Over 20% of children, in the United States alone, struggle with severe pediatric feeding disorders and their families struggle to help them thrive. That’s where the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) steps in, with an on-site, intensive feeding program.

The CHOA team was spending critical hours painstakingly and manually recording data and analyzing every detail of a patient’s meal to inform treatment decisions. CHOA partnered with Alloy to create a better way.

Alloy designed and developed InsightFull, a scalable digital product solution for data collection, reporting, and analytics. By shaving off hours of manual data entry, InsightFull will allow the intensive feeding therapy program to onboard team members more quickly and treat more children annually.

As part of the Feeding Program digital ecosystem, Alloy and CHOA designed Full Bellies, an at-home mobile app for parents and caregivers to track meal time activities. Our goal is to design the right tools to help caregivers and their children continue to overcome severe feeding disorders and the challenges it presents at home. Together, Full Bellies and InsightFull blend technical innovation with compassionate thinking for comprehensive support to improve patients’ lives and outcomes.

Our mission is to help CHOA reach more of the millions of children who experience pediatric feeding disorders and experience severe disruptions in their relationship with food through well-designed technology and user experiences.

InsightFull had to do more than simply replace manual data entry and endless spreadsheets—it had to transform that data into real-time program and team performance data that would completely transform business operations.

Alloy did this by leveraging Cypress to write and run end-to-end tests for web applications, ensuring InsightFull behaved as expected for users and catching and fixing bugs before launch. Storybook was utilized to work alongside product designers to create a robust component library that could easily be updated and iterated on, therefore keeping the product development process organized and efficient.

All of this had to be HIPAA compliant, which Alloy achieved through ClearData for hosting. By implementing ClearData, all of InsightFull’s data was housed securely and within HIPAA regulations. All of these industry-leading practices and tools guaranteed Alloy and CHOA a successful launch of InsightFull to three pediatric feeding disorder treatment locations without a hitch.