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The global supply chain has taken hits from every direction the past couple of years, which have negatively impacted everyone from warehouse workers to manufacturing CIOs to shoppers. As a result, marketers must take a fresh approach in order to attract, inspire and build confidence among manufacturing and logistics IT buyer personas.

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Fueling an uninterrupted sales pipeline.

Our clients develop technology for every step of today’s supply chain – from manufacturing to fulfillment to delivery. We use multi-channel marketing strategies to speed up the sales cycle even when the world’s logistics network is moving slow. It’s why our client work has won awards like Best Use of Integrated Marketing and Best Multichannel Campaign.

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A Macro Strategy for Entering a New Market

3 months after launching a micro-fulfillment product, search rankings bumped 363 positions and 375 leads converted

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Proving AI’s Value to the Future of Grocery

After an industry report was distributed via multiple channels, several Fortune 500 companies entered the sales pipeline

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