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EROAD is a global fleet management technology partner that helps grow and track fleets, enhance driver safety and improve electronic logging device (ELD) compliance and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting. In 2021, EROAD acquired New Zealand-based Coretex to expand its product innovation in the telematics industry, enabling a technology ecosystem that allowed EROAD to cross-sell customers and branch into new vertical markets. 

Because Coretex customers were unfamiliar with the EROAD brand, the global fleet management company came to Alloy to help reposition it amidst its evolving go-to-market strategy, while concurrently growing brand awareness and trust amongst its new audience.

Alloy kickstarted the project by conducting extensive research on the fleet technology marketing landscape to understand the opportunities and challenges within the new vertical markets. Our evaluation showed that executive thought leadership was the biggest white space in the industry. Alloy created a B2B marketing and media relations strategy that informed the new GTM plan and then brought it to life through an integrated marketing plan. 

Through our strategy, Alloy worked to strategically align EROAD with its new target audience, clearing up confusion from the acquisition and solidifying EROAD as a trustworthy expert in its new target vertical markets.

As supply chains became more prevalent in the news, our SEO, thought leadership and awareness-building ads positioned EROAD as an established expert. As a result, NewsNation approached EROAD to be featured in a segment on trucking. We media-trained EROAD’s VP of telematics to prepare him with answers, talking points and interview tips. In the resulting feature, EROAD’s team spoke on the changing regulations around supply chain and showcased how EROAD’s product helped fleet managers and individual drivers comply with regulations while meeting supply chain deadlines. The network reached ~75M viewers and the video was accompanied by an article with 4.27M readers. Alloy’s PR and performance marketing efforts made EROAD a sought-after expert in the fleet management and supply chain space.

return on ad spend
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By using strategic repositioning, Alloy successfully penetrated new verticals – delivering immediate results in the form of boosted share of voice and return on ad spend.

Comprehensive research

Before creating our GTM strategy, we conducted a deep dive audit on the fleet technology marketing landscape where we explored competitor messaging, media trends, direct buy opportunities, and more in order to identify the white space where EROAD could truly shine.

Thought leadership strategy

EROAD’s new GTM efforts focused heavily on market education, leading Alloy to identify subject matter experts (SMEs) that the Coretex audience was familiar with within each vertical market and reposition them as leaders from EROAD. These SMEs featured heavily in our media relations and trade show communications plans, tying the EROAD and Coretex brands together via trusted leaders.

Targeted ad campaign

To provide a swell of increased brand presence across target verticals, Alloy created an ad campaign with messaging and creative that shifted to match buyer needs and introduced its new target audiences to EROAD.

Media relations strategy

In order to properly penetrate these new verticals, Alloy bolstered the awareness-based ad and media relations campaigns with a series of solutions announcements to drive interest and conversions among prospects. This allowed EROAD to remain top of mind among media, customers and prospects alike.

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"We’ve got a great agency partner helping us execute a steady stream of comms that keeps EROAD’s share of voice high."

James Neal, Vice President of Strategic Marketing