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No other industry was transformed as heavily by COVID-19 than healthcare. Virtual care is now operational table stakes. Physician burnout is rampant. And patients demand convenience for everything from prescriptions to bill pay. As a result, healthIT marketers have to rethink how they go to market and reach today’s medical buyers.

HealthIT Sector
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We make pipelines healthy.

Our clients develop software, breakthroughs and devices that span the entire healthcare ecosystem – from the lab to the back office, and from the exam room all the way to the patient home. To help them stand out, we create integrated marketing campaigns that are both scientific and humanizing. It’s why we’re a two-time grand prize finalist for Ragan’s Health Agency of the Year.

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Answering the Call for Care: Putting Telehealth in Doctors’ Hands

An education campaign that drove 45,000 virtual visits per day during COVID-19

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Spiking the Heartbeat of Marketing: Web Traffic & Domain Authority

How an SEO & backlink strategy dramatically improved the health of qualified referral traffic and domain authority

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Risky Business: A Security Report that Set off Alarms at Hospitals

Within days of launching a data report, website visitors soared 29% and 50 Tier I and healthIT pubs covered the insights

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