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The level of competition in the enterprise healthcare space has made purchasing decisions more difficult, as organizations rarely make standalone technology purchases and are increasingly seeking fewer point solutions and greater interoperability. For global medical imaging software provider Intelerad, which offers multiple solutions designed to impact imaging and informatics, that meant rethinking its product roadmap and strategy to further differentiate from the competition and ensure clients achieve strong patient outcomes and business results. 

In 2021, Intelerad set out to build an enterprise solutions suite via in-house innovation and strategic acquisitions that would create a seamless workflow hub, integrating patient imaging data across the healthcare ecosystem. Intelerad’s plans for rapid expansion and integration of new companies and solutions into its portfolio meant its current brand positioning was no longer relevant. Additionally, despite being a decade-old company, it had limited marketing initiatives and infrastructure in place to drive its new goals forward — accelerating brand visibility and demand among hospitals and health systems as it rolled out its new enterprise solution.  

With its first acquisitions on the horizon, the company’s new CMO (a former Alloy client) enlisted Alloy as its strategic agency partner to reposition and elevate the brand in the market for the long term.

In less than two years, Alloy assisted Intelerad with more than six acquisitions. Its corporate growth story has earned the brand headlines in Bloomberg and Fortune, and status as one of the leading global providers of medical imaging. Demand for its suite of solutions has surged, leading to double-digit revenue growth and an almost 170% increase in its global client base.

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increase in global customer base
increase in SOV
growth in LinkedIn audiences

Through our partnership, Alloy helped Intelerad outpace their top four competitors in share of voice.

Comprehensive research & workshopping

Alloy began by conducting a deep dive into the global imaging landscape — auditing competitor messaging and content, media trends, persona preferences and Intelerad’s DNA to uncover opportunities for the brand to clarify its positioning and truly stand out. Combining this research with a series of executive workshops resulted in alignment around a unique new brand identity across the organization.

Strategic corporate communications

With the healthcare and healthIT landscape consolidating horizontally and vertically, positioning Intelerad’s M&A as core to the brand’s mission rather than simply a growth strategy was critical. Alloy created umbrella acquisition messaging that served as the foundation for all transaction communications. A global multichannel communications kit was also developed to guide outreach to all internal and external audiences. This strategy educated audiences about Intelerad’s vision from the very first acquisition.

Media relations program

Increasing awareness of the new brand and solutions suite, particularly within the hospital and health system space, was key to reaching Intelerad’s customer acquisition goals. Leveraging media audit research, Alloy developed a series of compelling storylines and solutions announcements to drive interest among key stakeholders. A blend of proactive outreach and exclusives enabled Alloy to build new media relationships for Intelerad across tier 1 business and vertical outlets, siphoning share of voice away from competitors.

Thought leadership

Intelerad’s new brand focused heavily on positioning it as the leader in interoperability. In order to truly own the space, Alloy developed thought leadership plans for key SMEs from the newly acquired companies, each focused on breaking down specific key messages related to the brand’s new value proposition and enterprise solutions suite. Via media relations, trade show communications and social media, these SMEs highlighted the need for a global enterprise imaging solution and positioned Intelerad as a trusted source on achieving interoperability.

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Jordan Benton, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications