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Data Report

Post-Pandemic B2B Sales: IT Buyers and Software Sales Teams Weigh in on the New Landscape

COVID-19 forced corporations to accelerate digital transformation by three to four years. With that acceleration came new B2B buying patterns and expectations. Alloy surveyed both sides of the tech buying table – CIOs and IT sales professionals – to quantify just how the process has changed.

What’s Inside

In our survey, tech buyers and vendors alike weighed in on how the pandemic affected everything from tech buyer expectations to the length of sales cycles. For example, with tradeshows and in-person meetings canceled, a whopping 91% of CIOs and CTOs said they realized that they actually liked discovering products virtually. 

In this 8-page data report, tech marketing and sales leaders will better understand:

  • How CIO’s and CTO’s budgets changed in 2020, as well as the length of time it takes to make procurement decisions
  • How tech vendors adapted their pricing strategies during the pandemic
  • The digital channels that generated the most MQLs and SQLs for tech sales teams
  • and much more