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Boston-based Quickbase is one of the top low-code platforms in the world. After spinning out of Intuit in 2019, Quickbase’s new CMO brought Alloy in to build the company’s brand awareness as part of its go-to-market strategy to penetrate the enterprise tech space

Quickbase’s business application development platform helps enterprises achieve operational agility, freeing them up to flex and evolve by safely connecting people, information and ideas and moving beyond the confines of traditional software development. With digital transformation efforts accelerating across enterprises, Quickbase’s solution was timely, but loud, aggressive competitors, including tech giant Microsoft, meant permeating the market would be difficult.

With limited word-of-mouth recognition, Quickbase aimed to grow its presence among enterprise and mid-market prospects while gaining endorsements from IT leaders. Alloy designed a strategic media relations program to reach these core audiences and elevate perception of the brand among IT influencers and buyers.

We started our program by announcing Quickbase’s acquisition of Cloudpipes, a leading cloud-based integration and automation platform, which improved Quickbase’s ability to integrate with a multitude of enterprise technologies. We landed coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, SDTimes and more, paving the way for a successful public relations program that ultimately resulted in increased adoption, improved perception, and influencer validation. 

In the aftermath of the disastrous 2020 Iowa Caucus, Quickbase faced major risk to brand reputation when online commentary mistakenly cited Quickbase as the official app used to report caucus results.

We provided immediate crisis counsel to help Quickbase devise a multichannel response, while also providing by-the-hour crisis monitoring. The plan worked — the rumors didn’t spread into mainstream media and there was no long-term impact to brand reputation. Following this situation, we also equipped Quickbase with a thorough crisis response strategy detailing communications processes and standards should a crisis situation ever arise again.

200+ media placements, exceeding goals by
share of voice
increase in website traffic from LinkedIn
increase in direct website traffic

With a combination of thought leadership, data and announcements, Alloy propelled Quickbase into the low-code conversation, dominating competitors in a crowded market.

Media training

Thought leadership was a cornerstone of our awareness-building efforts for Quickbase, so it was critical that the subject matter experts we used were deeply immersed in the brand’s messaging and differentiators, and that they could concisely, compellingly answer reporter questions. We put Quickbase’s SMEs through our proprietary media training to help them stay on message, block and bridge, pay attention to non-verbal cues and ultimately become sought-after, quotable spokespeople.

Social media audit and persona

To drive the social media program, Alloy audited Quickbase’s brand channels, as well as social channels of internal influencers, competitors, aspirational brands and external influencers, to identify immediate opportunities and establish a clear path forward for the implementation of long-term social marketing strategies. The result was a social media persona unique to Quickbase — we called her Allison — an up-and-coming software engineer.


With low-code beginning to dominate media discussions and an aggressive field of competitors, newsjacking was a key part of our media strategy. Inserting Quickbase into existing conversations helped to establish the brand and position it alongside its well-established competitors. For example, when Microsoft launched Power Automate to automate repetitive tasks, we positioned Quickbase’s chief product and technology officer to discuss the launch as an indicator of robotic process automation and low-code adoption. The resulting Forbes article positioned Microsoft as “catching up” to advanced solutions like Quickbase.


“Alloy is by far the most strategic, creative, and data-driven firm I have ever worked with. Not sure what we would do without them.”

Shannon C., Sr. Manager of Content & Comms