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April 04, 2023

Taylor Murphy


Marketing & Sales Operations Director

Today, we made an exciting headline: Top Tech Marketing Agency Alloy Acquires Narwhal, Expanding Creative and Technical Capabilities. This merger combines Narwhal’s design-thinking approach with Alloy’s integrated marketing methodology, enabling tech leaders to build differentiated and highly-valued brands. 

The combined unit now serves a collective of 40+ clients and employs over 60 rebels, nerds, and creatives, making us one of Atlanta’s 10th largest marketing firms.

Behind every deal like ours comes years of ingenuity and hard work by company founders, months of “acquisition courtship,” and weeks of intense diligence and planning. So, let’s get beyond the headline and into the story of what brought Alloy and Narwhal together, and more importantly, what the future will look like for our team, partners and clients. 

Watch Alloy CEO Raj Choudhury and Narwhal’s founder Jennifer Ready talk shop (pun intended):

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