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Tip Sheet

4 Ways FinTechs Can Dominate Share of Voice

Private investment in FinTech companies and an increased number of FinTech IPOs mean that these brands have deeper pockets and are getting more aggressive with marketing than ever before. Subsequently, the sector is getting noisier – making it harder for FinTechs to cut through the clutter and outpace their competitors in share of voice. 

What’s Inside

Download this tip sheet to learn how to increase your FinTech company’s brand awareness amidst today’s marketplace cacophony. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to level the playing field if your brand is privately held and your competitors are publicly traded
  • How to turn your executives into influencers so they become sought after by press and for speaking opportunities
  • How a one-time investment can generate media coverage month after month
  • and much more.