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Proving that Banking Doesn’t Have to be Intimidating, Confusing, or Boring

Re-imagine & rebuild the digital presence of a trusted financial institution.

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Since 1902, S&T Bank has served its community by building long-standing relationships, instilling unwavering trust, and providing products and services of value. They came to Alloy with the desire to create an online presence that reflects the same commitment to quality and personal approach to banking. They wanted to set themselves apart by evolving within and standing out in the financial services crowd. With the goal of reaching new customers, a series of frequent website outages, and the inability to scale the platform to support their growth – there was no time to waste and we were excited to be a part of it.

How We Helped

Design & Usability

First impressions are critical to a user’s experience. We gave S&T a complete site makeover that embraced sophisticated design and thoughtful UX, giving users confidence that they were at the right place with the right financial partner. It was paramount that users could segment quickly and find the information, products, and tools they were looking for.

Brand & Voice

When approaching the site content, we zeroed in on capturing the DNA of S&T. From the modern and friendliness of the design to the conversational voice of the content, we embodied the values of S&T to successfully connect users. We leveraged relatable stories and conversational content to make the S&T banking experience a human one—removing the invisible barriers to achieving financial goals.

Stability, Security & Performance

An uncompromising aspect of any financial services product is stability, security, and performance. Prior to engaging with Alloy, the S&T site was down often. It experienced crippling slow speed and had an extremely low Google index scores. We moved quickly to correct these weaknesses because we understood that it was key to projecting the trustworthiness and accessibility that customers expect.

Scalable & Effortless Management

Financial institutions are no stranger to frequent regulatory changes. Combine that with S&T’s growth—and subsequent marketing plans on the horizon—they needed a platform that was scalable and easy to use. We implemented a content management system and a custom architecture design that eliminated the management headaches, gave them the checks and balances they needed, and ensured a flexible website they could rely on.

How We Amplified

Establishing—and proving a path to effective marketing.

We know that just because you build it doesn’t mean customers will come. Existing customers were excited to see the digital makeover but we got right to work expanding S&T Bank’s customer roster. With the site’s improved SEO performance and the ability to quickly launch digital marketing materials, we deployed a highly-targeted paid search campaign that reached over 16 million users and increased overall conversions by 46%.


increase in overall conversions


decrease in cost per conversion

Paid marketing efforts resulted in 16M impressions & a 26% lift in visitors to the site over 4 weeks.

What We Built

Architecting a Tech Approach Tailored to Financial Services Needs

Considering S&T’s primary goals for the site, we determined that a decoupled architecture would be ideal. It provided better security, performance and speed—resulting in significant gains in page load times and load capacity with essentially no downtime. It also provided more flexibility in building front and backend codebases.

  • Content Management
  • Wordpress
  • Cloud Platform
  • Pantheon
  • JS Framework
  • React
  • React-Based Framework
  • Gatsby V4
  • Custom Integration
  • Mortgage Bot

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