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January 04, 2024

Anna Ruth Williams



As the marketing agency for PE-backed companies, we’ve put together our list of top private equity podcasts.

Whether you’re a managing partner, in a platform role, or in the C-Suite of a PE-backed company, there’s no shortage of industry insights available to help you navigate your position. And the private equity podcasts available today are some of the best resources you can subscribe to - spanning in-depth deal analysis and role-specific best practices. 

We were going to make a top 10 list, but alas, we couldn’t trim it down to just 10. So, here are 11 PE podcasts to add to your favorites list:


Hosted by: Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal, Acquired

Why we recommend it: Highly conversational interviews with luminaries and top thinkers. Each episode is 3-4 hours long, providing in-depth explorations into today’s most interesting tech brands and trends.

Dry Powder: The PE Podcast

Hosted by: Hugh MacArthur, Bain

Why we recommend it: One of the highest-quality podcasts out there. From niche interviews to macro topics, Bain’s PE podcast is worth tuning into a couple times a month.

M&A Science Podcast

Hosted by: Kison Patel, M&A Science

Why we recommend it: Their interviews truly unpack every aspect of M&As - from integrating company cultures to tax considerations and even role-specific insights. 

NextWave Private Equity

Hosted by: Bridget Walsh, EY

Why we recommend it: While they don’t publish frequently, EY’s PE podcasts are concise and data-packed.

PE Funcast

Hosted by: Devin Mathews & Jim Milbery, Parker Gale

Why we recommend it: Published once or twice a month, this show spans a diversity of topics appealing to both PE operators and their portfolios.

Private Equity 360

Hosted by: Frazier Deeter

Why we recommend it: You won’t find frequent episodes here, but Frazier Deeter takes to the mic when there’s a topic worth discussing - from emerging regulations to new outlook data.

Private Equity Fast Pitch

Hosted by: Jeff Henningsen, NorthStar Capital

Why we recommend it: The Fast Pitch interview format gives you a great ~30 minute deep dive into guests’ firms, investment criteria, and more. Think of these episodes as great prep for upcoming meetings and landscape analysis.

Private Equity PErspectives Podcast

Hosted by: Todd Kinney, BDO

Why we recommend it: Each episode features a well-regarded PE leader. And no two episodes are the same - ranging from macro economic challenges to sector-specific trends.

Private Equity Power Talks: Map of the Maze

Hosted by: Peptalks

Why we recommend it: In each episode you can expect to hear from the CEO of a PE-backed brand or a PE industry leader. From war stories to best practices, each episode focuses on leadership applications.

The Tech M&A Podcast

Hosted by: The Corum Group

Why we recommend it: Their format features special reports on sectors, buyers, trends and M&A processes, as well as panel discussions and Q&A with both recent sellers and major tech buyers.

Value Creation Podcast

Hosted by: Shiv, Narayanan How to SaaS

Why we recommend it: As the name implies, these podcast episodes center around value creation. Investors, CROs and marketing leaders will all find a reason to tune into How to SaaS’ audio content.

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