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May 03, 2024

Anna Ruth Williams



Even the smoothest mergers and acquisitions have their challenging moments, especially when it comes to blending brand identities. For tech companies that have aggressive corporate growth plans, this can be particularly challenging. Here are the top three branding moves every CMO should have on their radar:

Rethink your brand architecture

Getting your brand architecture correct is key—it sets the stage for how you’ll integrate and position your brand(s) in the future. There are three core types of brand architectures to consider:

  • Endorsed Brand: Keeps some of the original brand flavors while connecting it to the new parent brand.

  • Family Brand: Brings everything under one umbrella for a unified look and feel.

  • House of Brands: Keeps individual brands distinct but under one corporate roof, excellent for varied product lines.

Choosing the best structure isn’t just about knowing the market today but planning where you want to be.

Sunset the acquired brand thoughtfully

Not all buyouts lead to a complete brand makeover. When they do, you’ve got to handle the changeover carefully to keep the market clear on what’s happening and keep your brand value intact. This involves creating short and long-term strategies for:

  • Announcing changes clearly from the start

  • Gradually merging all marketing materials

  • Completing the brand transition smoothly

Convert brand legacy into equity

After the deal, the aim is to use the strengths of the acquired brand to boost the presence of your new unified brand. This means:

  • Quickly getting the word out and keeping the excitement alive

  • Bringing in all the good stuff (like awards and rave reviews) from the old brand

  • Building and maintaining awareness and excitement from team members from both sides of the merger

We’re just scratching the surface here. Download Alloy’s newest, comprehensive playbook, Top 3 Branding Considerations When Combining Units, for an in-depth exploration of each step, enriched with expert insights and actionable advice tailored for mid-market tech leaders.