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October 10, 2023

Simon Cowart


VP of Growth

Alloy’s Annual Technology Marketing Report takes an in-depth look at ‌the influence marketing data and insights have on organizational decision-making

Today, Alloy, the leading Precision Storytelling & Experiences Agency for Imaginative Tech Brands, unveiled its annual tech industry marketing data report, entitled Marketing: An Organization’s Insight Hub. The firm’s industry-leading original research indicates that tech companies rely on marketing data to guide funnel optimization and user experience. As a result, almost half of tech brands in the study have been able to improve internal processes and outcomes thanks to marketing insights.

Among its findings, the data reports that 62% of the survey respondents said they and/or their companies have made business decisions based on insights derived from marketing performance in the past year. Moreover, 55% experienced improvements in overall business performance. However, nearly 85% of respondents reported that this data is often siloed and not being leveraged to the fullest extent to drive those positive business results.

Alloy’s survey respondents also revealed:

-Where marketing data is being used to improve an organizational functions

-What types of data are providing the clearest insights for businesses

-Who has the data

-Why silos are so common, and often limiting growth

“We surveyed over 100 global B2B tech professionals with revenue responsibility, and the sum of their insights was clear. In today’s market conditions, software brands need to eliminate silos, which requires commitment, collaboration and communication. But organizations that find ways to overcome these challenges reap the benefits,” said Simon Cowart, Vice President of Growth at Alloy.

To see how and why marketing data and insights should be used to drive business performance, download the full report at