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November 17, 2021

Christina Stjohn


Group Director

person holding a phone with a fintech app on the screen

FinTech marketing has never been noisier. Consumers and businesses have increased their reliance on digital financial tools, which has brought a series of significant mega-rounds, IPOs, and exits to FinTech companies in the U.S. and U.K. this year.

As a result, FinTech companies now have deeper pockets to grow their messaging and greater buzz to feed it. Increasing brand awareness is more important than ever for financial technology firms, but how can they rise above the current market’s cacophony? Especially if the company is privately-held but its competitors are well-resourced, loud, and publicly traded?

In Alloy’s new tip sheet, we explore this and more.   

Download our new tip sheet: 4 Ways FinTechs Can Dominate Share of Voice

FACT: Public companies have a megaphone for getting their message out every quarter during earnings calls. If your FinTech PR agency measures competitor share of voice, it probably spikes during earnings call weeks, right?

If you’re a VC-backed or PE-owned company, you can step up your FinTech media relations and muddy your public competitors’ waters by issuing press releases a few days before their earnings calls, which detail your quarterly momentum. For example, promote your QoQ customer or YTD revenue growth.

Another tactic is to hold big product announcements, executive hires, customer wins, etc., and release them the day before your competitor is scheduled to release earnings. 

By crashing their earnings call day, you could inject your brand name into their coverage as a stiff competitor that’s hurting their market share. Or at the very least, you’re getting press coverage of your own to dilute their share of voice. For more tips on how you can cut through the noise and increase your FinTech company’s brand awareness, download our new FinTech Tip Sheet today.