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February 12, 2024

Anna Ruth Williams


Chief Growth Officer

As a top FinTech marketing agency trusted by the world’s biggest PE firms, Alloy was proud to sponsor ACG’s M&A South

Last week over 1,500 mid-market professionals flocked to Atlanta for ACG’s M&A South where virtually all of the conference’s education sessions included dialogue on - you guessed it - artificial intelligence.

Panelists at the Opportunities & Optimism: M&A Deal Trends session agreed that AI isn’t doing away with the industry’s analyst class, but the technology is beginning to make their jobs more efficient and impactful. Here are the top 3 most promising AI use cases that were discussed by dealmakers:

  1. Helping facilitate smooth NDA negotiations 

  2. Expediting deal sourcing & target selections

  3. Automating data books and data accumulation

M&A South panelists discuss how AI is making dealmaker’s jobs easier Speakers from left to right: Chris Roselli, Eversheds Sutherland, Kate Kohli, TM Capital; Jeff Hawkins, Carr, Riggs & Ingram; Sterling Morris, Equifax, Inc.; Mark Doller, Bank of America; Katie Stapleton, Eagle Merchant Partners

So, what AI-driven software solutions are dealmakers using? Here’s a list of the FinTech products that were shared by attendees at M&A South:

  • aumni: This JP Morgan-backed company gives funds, LPs and corporate development offices instant access to financial and legal insights across a portfolio. Aumni sources data directly from your executed legal agreements, triple checks them via venture experts, and then analyzes them by AI.

  • Inven: Investors and corporate growth professionals can get started using this deal-sourcing software with just one or two example companies. From there, Inven’s AI returns a list of relevant companies and key data points.

  • Sourcescrub: A robust platform, Sourcescrub gives dealmakers deal-ready connected data, AI-powered tools, and on-demand data operations. Combined, the company accelerates deal sourcing and provides investors & buyers confident decision-making.

  • Wokelo: This startup automates due diligence by extracting deep insights across product, financials, competition, and more. Then, Wokelo generates visual industry overviews, market maps and sector insights.

As a top FinTech marketing agency that’s trusted by the world’s biggest PE firms, Alloy knows the challenges facing today’s dealmakers and how AI can solve them. If your software brand is ready to accelerate value creation, contact us today.