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November 04, 2021

Alexis Pastrana


Senior Digital Content Manager

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Throughout COVID-19, hospitals and healthcare systems have embraced technology more than ever before as it offered a way to continue delivering the care and communication patients needed. As we move forward, this reliance on technology is not expected to fall back to pre-COVID levels.

For example, so far in 2021, Alloy client Intelerad successfully acquired four companies to make its medical image management products more scalable. This momentum is just one example of how healthIT companies are preparing to further support providers deliver quality care.

We recently spoke with Intelerad’s Corporate Communications Manager Jordan Benton, to learn about the role of PR and social media in driving awareness and engagement for its growing healthIT company. Here’s what she had to say:

QUESTION: What drew you to the healthIT industry and to your current role at Intelerad?

ANSWER: My desire to find purpose, a strong mission and daily fulfillment all drew me into my current role in the healthIT industry. Prior to joining Intelerad, I worked in the field of forensics for almost seven years at a non-profit crime laboratory in Houston. Everyday, I saw the impacts my team and I had on the justice system, and I felt an immense amount of pride in my job. When the winds of change called me to North Carolina, I knew my next career would need to be equally fulfilling and purposeful.

To be the supporting act to healthcare professionals and empowering them to reach better patient care through technology is the fulfillment I was selflessly looking for in a company. Paired with my love of all things communication and marketing, my match with Intelerad was meant to be.

QUESTION: As a direct contact between your company and Alloy, what’s most critical to you in an agency relationship?

ANSWER: Working at Intelerad is like sprinting a marathon, and no one wants to endure such a grueling race without the right support to get to the finish line. When it comes to strategizing and executing public and media relations at a fast-paced company like ours, it’s vital to ensure the client-agency relationship is continually fostered to produce seamless communication, organization to drive the right priorities, consistent collaboration, respect, honesty, and trust. Alloy is an extension of the team, so taking the time to build on the relationship is worthwhile, so every win is a shared win.

QUESTION: Social media has become table stakes today. What tips do you have for other B2B marketers who are trying to build brand presence and engage SMEs online?

ANSWER: The power of social media continues to grow, so my advice for any B2B marketers working to build social media presence would be to strategize, execute a consistent plan of action, and then build that plan over time. At Intelerad, we developed our social media strategy from the ground up, which is no easy feat. We worked with Alloy to first define who we wanted to be on social media and define the most industry-appropriate tone for our ever-evolving company. You must understand who you are before you map out where you’re going.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to try new things. Once your presence is established, don’t be afraid to highlight your own content and engage with other SMEs. This will allow you to showcase your position in your industry, so engagements can become more purposeful and relationships can be developed.

QUESTION: In your career, you’ve seen new social media platforms emerge, dozens of platform feature updates, large changes in social advertising, and more. In your opinion, what is the biggest factor driving change in the social media landscape, specifically for businesses?

ANSWER: I believe the biggest factor driving change in the social media landscape, especially for businesses, is simple - people paired with better technology. Society’s ever-evolving method of communicating, engaging with others, purchasing goods, and more are all key factors when it comes to the expansive reach social media offers. The purpose behind social media platforms has been forever changed, and now go hand-in-hand with connecting business with consumers - an immeasurably powerful relationship when it comes to advertising.

QUESTION: How do Intelerad’s social media efforts intersect with your media relations program?

ANSWER: Intelerad’s social media efforts go hand-in-hand with our media relations program. Social media is a tool that connects people to our news, allowing our name and presence to expand through sharing and engagement. From thought leadership pieces to news coverage, upcoming event promotion, SME outreach, product spotlight posts, and more, we have the power to craft and shape the messages our followers, or those who come into contact with our online presence, see daily. That is equally, if not more powerful, than some of the more traditional media strategies that we leverage.

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