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November 23, 2015

Team Member Renee Spurling

Renee Spurlin


Executive Vice President

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For me, November almost completely revolves around healthIT. (And I’m not complaining! I love the industry.) For example, this month, I have attended events including the HealthIT Leadership Summit and Health 2.0 Atlanta where I got to hear both providers’ and physicians’ perspectives on innovation and growth in today’s healthIT market. I have also been busy helping healthIT clients prepare for announcements and events like the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting, which is taking place at the end of this month.

Now, as I’ve been sitting in on these different sessions and panels and helping my clients strategize, I have noticed that one continuing notion keeps popping up in my mind: the power that customer stories have in healthIT. They have a profound impact in numerous aspects of a company’s success, however, some companies might not realize all the different opportunities there are to leverage them. Therefore, I wanted to share my top three ways that healthcare technology vendors can make the most out of customer stories.

1) Case Studies

Case studies are probably the number one piece of content companies think of completing once they obtain a customer story – and for good reason. These pieces tell stories, make brands come to life, and demonstrate momentum. Further, because case studies are written from the client point of view (and 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations) prospective customers can easily see how a product or service can also benefit them.

For example, lets say a hospital is experiencing incredibly inefficient workflow because its personnel are manually importing thousands of critical test results. The hospital then does a search for a CTRM solution and comes across a case study showcasing a specific CTRM system that has helped another hospital achieve a 99% closure rate within 72 hours for most of its exams. Chances are that one piece of content is going to have great influence in the hospital’s vendor selection process.

Additionally, once a case study is completed, companies can then host the content on their website, helping improve organic SEO rankings and lead generation. Further, it can be used as collateral for sales teams to leverage when communicating with potential customers.

 2) Media Relations

So a company now has a case study in its back pocket. That’s great, but the life of that customer story is not over. In fact, if a company is playing its cards right, it’s just beginning. Which leads me to media relations.

Imagine that a healthIT company is about to make a big press announcement surrounding the latest version of its product or wants to insert itself into a national healthcare trend that is sweeping the nation. By simply including a customer quote in the release or having a customer available to do media interviews will greatly increase its ability to garner top media coverage.

Why…because validation is powerful. While a company’s technology itself may be fascinating, journalists want more than a company tooting its own horn. Instead, they want to know exactly how the technology is impacting hospitals and/or patients. Moreover, they desire a story that is going to speak to and connect with their readers, and powerful customer stories do just that.

3) Tradeshows

Finally, there is nothing stronger or more influential than companies telling their stories or demonstrating their products live. This makes tradeshows another perfect opportunity to highlight customer stories. Actually, they are an ideal occasion showcase customers in person.

These four to five-day events not only place companies in front of key prospects, but media as well. And as we mentioned earlier, prospects and media love to hear directly from existing customers. Lastly, tradeshows often include speaking engagements that healthIT companies and customers can go in on together. In return, these opportunities expand the influence and brand awareness of both the healthIT company and the customer – making it a win, win!

With our main headquarters located in Atlanta (the nation’s healthIT capital), Ally helps healthIT clients leverage the power of customer stories everyday. Just check out this case study on how we help one of the top healthIT vendors in the country leverage customer stories. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can support your healthIT company contact us today.