Risky Business: A Security Report that Set off Alarms at Hospitals

50+ pieces of coverage including top-tiers like The Verge, ZDNet, and SC Magazine

Outpaced competitors in SOV

29% increase in website visitors

Searching for Personas Amid a Pandemic & Competition

Cynerio, a leading provider of healthcare IoT security solutions, was well known in the cybersecurity industry but wanted to accelerate go-to-market in the U.S. enterprise healthcare segment.

However, the cyber industry is saturated with vendors who all walk and talk alike, so Cynerio knew it had to stand out with freshness and provocation. Moreover, buyers at health systems are hard to reach and stretched thin, especially under pandemic pressures. To capture their attention, Cynerio needed to inject creativity and muscle into its inbound marketing machine.

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Creating Urgency for Life-threatening Cyber Threats

Cynerio and Alloy partnered on a campaign to launch the brand’s first-ever data report – an inside look at the increasing velocity of medical device vulnerabilities and cyber threats facing hospitals.

The content marketing piece found, among other statistics, that over half of IoT devices used in hospitals have a critical vulnerability that could put facilities and patient lives at risk. We distributed the report through a multi-channel campaign that aimed to educate buyers and direct them to Cynerio’s website.

Triple Threat: Education, Awareness and MQLs

The report immediately captured industry attention – with more than 50 pieces of media coverage pouring in from national, security, tech and health IT publications. Thirty-eight percent of press was Tier I, including The Verge, ZDNet and SC Magazine. Social sharing and SEO rankings followed suit. Combined, organic and referral traffic boosted total website visitors by 29%.

Cynerio had officially succeeded at landing on the screens of its hard-to-reach buyer personas. The campaign architecture continued to be duplicated with subsequent reports, like vulnerability discoveries.

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