Repositioning a Healthcare Benefits Manager as a Clear Industry Leader

750+ clicks to the website via paid search ads in the first week

~12K impressions on LinkedIn ads in the first week

27 new contacts and 3 new SQLs added to HubSpot in the first week

Two Brand Names Causes Marketplace Confusion

Founded in 2005, RetireeFirst, formerly known as Labor First, quickly made a name for itself as a valuable partner that manages every aspect of group retiree healthcare benefit administration. While well known within the labor union sector, however, as the company began to service the public and corporate sectors, it became clear that its current go-to-market approach was no longer effective. 

With two brand names, websites, sets of channels and marketing materials, confusion and functional challenges both internally and within the marketplace inhibited growth as the company sought to propel itself into its next chapter.

Paid and organic social media initiatives were core to generating awareness and buzz around RetireeFirst and its new brand

Rebranding to Reach Retirees

With a new marketing team and investors at the helm, RetireeFirst tapped Alloy as its integrated marketing agency partner to rebrand the company and better articulate its value proposition and differentiators. 

Alloy first executed a three-step approach:

  1. Competitive Analysis and Market Research, including persona booklets to better understand buyers and uncover industry white spaces.
  2. Branding and Messaging, including a new name and the company’s first-ever Brand Architecture and Corporate Messaging. 
  3. SEO & Trademark Examination to protect the brand while ensuring increased website traffic and brand searchability over time. 

Then, Alloy developed an integrated marketing plan designed to transfer the legacy brand’s awareness and credibility to the new name and brand.

Reaching New Audiences in Record Time

With the foundational work complete, Alloy supported RetireeFirst in launching its new website, social media platforms and marketing materials — all backed by a multi-pronged marketing program including stakeholder communications, a media blitz, social and email promotions, and more. 

Within just one week, the brand had resonated. Executive and brand social engagements blew industry benchmarks out the water, and creative search and LinkedIn ads netted 27 new contacts and 3 new SQLs, helping introduce the company to new audiences. RetireeFirst also surpassed competitors in market Share of Voice, garnering coverage in top trades and local media outlets.

“We were drawn to Alloy because of their track record for constructing integrated marketing campaigns that are both scientific and humanizing.”

Stephanie Doherty

SVP of Marketing, RetireeFirst

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