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Acquisitions Form Global Enterprise Imaging Solutions Leader

Double-digit revenue growth

A 170% increase in global customer base

Outpaced top four competitors in Share of Voice

Industry Change and Competition Complicate HealthIT Purchasing Decisions

The level of competition in the enterprise healthcare space has made purchasing decisions more difficult, as organizations rarely make standalone technology purchases and are increasingly seeking fewer point solutions and greater interoperability. 

For global medical imaging software provider Intelerad, which offers multiple products designed to impact imaging and informatics, that meant rethinking its product roadmap and strategy to further differentiate from the competition and ensure clients achieve strong patient outcomes. 

In 2021, Intelerad set out to build an enterprise solutions suite via in-house innovation and strategic acquisitions that would create a seamless workflow hub, integrating patient data across the healthcare ecosystem.

The Ground Floor of Strategic Communications

With its first acquisitions on the horizon, the company’s new CMO (a former Alloy client) enlisted Alloy as its strategic agency partner, working on three pillars: 

  1. Repositioning. Alloy led the creation of new brand messaging that built upon Intelerad’s legacy, showcased its stature today, while giving flexibility for the brand to grow. This equipped SMEs and KOLs to communicate consistently when going to market. 
  2. Brand Marketing. Alloy created Intelerad’s first external public and media relations strategy, including healthIT thought leadership campaigns that would compel hospital and health system buyers.
  3. Corporate Growth Communications. An acquisition strategy was created to minimize brand confusion and increase market share and power.

Accelerating Brand Visibility and Pipeline Activity

In less than two years, Alloy has assisted Intelerad with more than six acquisitions. Its corporate growth story has earned the brand headlines in Bloomberg and Fortune, and status as one of the leading global providers of medical imaging.

 From executive thought leadership campaigns to earned and paid social media strategies, Intelerad has educated its core audiences about its family of companies and differentiated solutions suite. 

Demand for its suite of solutions has surged, leading to double-digit revenue growth and an almost 170% increase in its global client base.

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“Alloy is a true extension of our team – every win is a shared win.”
Jordan Benton
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

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