Debuting a Global Payments App Across the Pond

Secured 18 media placements in 30 days

Drove app downloads via the Apple Store and Google Store

Improved SEO rankings by double digits

Crossing Borders to Break into New Markets

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the need for digital banking solutions, as traditional banks shut their physical doors, reduced operating hours and enforced social distancing guidelines, making it more difficult to send money. To meet a growing demand, UK-based Paysend geared up to launch its digital money transfer app in the U.S. – the largest global transfer market.

Without previous exposure in a crowded market of well-established competitors, this marked a pivotal moment for Paysend to help immigrants living in the U.S. who would now be able to connect with a network of 1.5M customers across 70+ countries.

Gaining B2B Mindshare and B2C Marketshare

As Paysend’s Americas agency-of-record, Alloy developed and implemented an integrated marketing strategy that packed a one-two punch.

First, we enacted a public relations program focused on gaining credibility in the U.S. FinTech industry by targeting global payment and banking publications. The program also introduced Paysend’s stateside banking partner and newly appointed West Coast-based general manager to bolster credibility.

Second, shortly after launch, we took a more consumer-oriented angle and announced that Paysend would be offering zero-fee transfers for U.S. customers — targeting immigrant and expatriate communities to drive app downloads.

To further drive online visibility, Alloy architected a domestic content marketing calendar that harnessed country-specific search keywords.

Immediate Awareness & Downloads in 30 Days

In the first 30 days of the PR program, Alloy secured 18 media placements – driving referral traffic to Paysend’s website and more importantly, app downloads. A few weeks later, Paysend broke out of trade publications, landing its first American Tier 1 story in U.S. News & World Report.

The U.S. content campaign gave Paysend immediate online visibilty and reach. In fact, the site ranked for nearly 25% of its priority keywords and improved ranking for certain keywords by 120 positions in the first month.

The success of this market entry fueled Paysend’s global go-to-market strategy, and 12 months later, the brand secured a $125M Series B.

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