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May 31, 2023

Taylor Murphy


Marketing & Sales Operations Director

Atlanta has been a place for marketing professionals since 1892, calling home to one of the greatest marketing giants of all time, Coca-Cola. With iconic ads such as, “I’d Like to Buy The World a Coke” released in 1971, Coca-Cola is known for its catchy, heartwarming campaigns that span decades. Its most recent “Masterpiece” campaign continued to push marketing boundaries, collaborating with OpenAI’s DALL-E2 model and ChatGPT. Coca-Cola consistently embraces and creates ground-breaking marketing techniques, and it all started back in 1892. So you see, Atlanta has been ahead of the marketing curve since day one.

Pioneering Forces Lead ATL’s Marketing and Tech Scene

Atlanta has evolved into a leading and thriving Marketing Technology scene, with industry pioneers like digital marketing software Silverpop, which was acquired by IBM in 2014, and Pardot, a marketing automation platform acquired by Salesforce in 2012, leading the way. 

Fast forward a decade, and it’s clear from the list of leading companies below that Atlanta is staking its claim as a MarTech capital.  

  • Sales engagement platform SalesLoft

  • Customer experience data app FullStory

  • Account-based marketing software Terminus 

  • Mail engagement tool Mailchimp

  • Customer journey tracking tool CallRail 

Atlanta’s Tech Scene Catapults Diverse Marketing Talent

Excitement for these companies and more has fueled Atlanta to become a hotbed for fresh talent, with startups and tech giants alike establishing roots here. Google, Microsoft and Apple alike have all built presences here, prompting national recognition for our talent base. 

Part of the attraction is that Atlanta is privy to strong advocates for the technology (including marketing) community, such as Georgia Tech. The institution not only serves as an incubator for future talent, but it is also very involved with promoting both startup and technology culture through its incubator, ATDC.  

We’re also home to the fourth largest tech hub in the US, Atlanta Tech Village, which successfully nurtured companies, including SalesLoft, Terminus, and Calendly (and Alloy!), to name a few.  

As Atlanta becomes home to more and more tech companies, the need for top marketing talent to drive demand continues to grow, creating a symbiotic relationship between technology and marketing in Atlanta.

One of the most attractive benefits of Atlanta’s talent base is how diverse our community is. According to Fast Company, Atlanta’s tech industry, which is also opening the door for many marketing opportunities, employees are at 25% Black, versus 6% in one of tech’s meccas, San Francisco. This diversity is one of the reasons Visa told CNBC it was opening an office here. 

Atlanta is an exciting place to be right now for marketing and technology professionals, hence the ambitious growth in this town, including a robust job market that includes over 3,000 job openings in the greater Atlanta area alone on And yes, this includes openings at Alloy!

Working at a Top Marketing Agency in Atlanta

Alloy’s roots can be traced back to ATL’s very own Atlanta Tech Village in 2013. Fast forward to today, Alloy has grown to 60 employees, and with its recent acquisition of Narwhal, expanded its creative and technical capabilities.  

Fueled by Atlanta’s innovative spirit, Alloy continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible and deliver outstanding results for its clients. Hear it directly from one of our team members, Nardos Yosef, senior account manager:

“Atlanta was named the No. 1 Tech Hub spot in the US — and with our office in West Midtown, we’re in close proximity to many of our clients, allowing us to foster more collaborative, in-person connections while staying on top of the latest trends and ideas coming out of the tech community. Our dynamic and vibrant work environment helps team members to drive innovation and create big ideas for our clients that make a meaningful impact on the industry.”

If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn and grow in your career at a top marketing agency, Alloy is the place for you. Awarded Best Place to Work 10 times and counting, we offer a supportive environment where you can take risks and try new skills, filled with talented and ambitious people who will inspire you to Think Beyond Tomorrow. Join Our Crew!