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July 12, 2020

Taylor Murphy


Marketing & Sales Operations Director

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Our tech PR agency works hard and believes fun should follow. Little successes and big triumphs should all be celebrated with the same vigor as the effort that went into them. Taking the time to clink glasses, do a toe touch, bump chests and jump up and down at our desks screaming “hell yes” keeps us motivated to consistently produce great results. Bottom line, we take our spirited ideal, celebrating success, seriously. Coupled with the competitive nature of the Uncommon Crew (some more than others...cough, Anna Ruth ;), and you get “the belt” competition.

The WWE-style Alloy belt is proudly won and worn by members of the team who meet specific criteria set each year. At the end of every year the results are tallied and a champion announced. The criteria is based on achieving well above average tech pr, lead generation and digital advertising metrics. Like we’ve said before, we’re definitely a different kind of agency and we’re proud of that. 

In fact, we love a friendly competition so much that we always strive to beat our previous years’ goals of above average conversion rates, tier-1 media hits, social media influencer engagements and much more. I’m proud to report that despite a pandemic disrupting the world in 1H of 2020, our rockstar team managed to produce 112 belt wins. For perspective, we had 109 in total for the entire year in 2018. Here are some of the highlights from the first half of the year as the Uncommon Crew continues to battle it out in the ring.

Flexing Health IT Media Relations Muscles

With COVID-19 making headlines each and every day since March, it might seem obvious to some that our HealthIT practice group had so many wins in 1H 2020. However, when those headlines strictly revolve around case counts and deaths, how do you get the mainstream media to notice clients’ software and hardware solutions that are here to help? With strategic thinking and our panorama approach, of course. From the front page of the Wall Street Journal, to HuffPost, Med City News and Physicians Practice and back to the WSJ again, it’s safe to say that our healthIT team ended 1H 2020 on fire.

A Lead Generation Powerhouse

As tech PR marketers braced for budget cuts in the first half of the year, our digital marketing team stepped up in a BIG way - researching real-time shifts in buyer behaviors and pivoting client strategies quickly. The results of the blood, sweat and tears? Double digit conversion and click-through rates, along with high ranking keywords. In fact, for one client, the team managed to reach an almost 25% conversion rate on a Facebook ads campaign. For reference, the average conversion rate on the social media network is only 9.21%.

Our Lead Contender

As you can see from the results of above, a lot of the work is truly a team effort. But, we’d be lying if we said we wanted to share that belt. The leader on the 2020 scoreboard has assisted a client with multiple M&As during a recession, and even helped a supply chain software customer make headlines during an international pandemic.

Although she’s been staying at home, she’s certainly not bored. I’m talking about none other than Account Director, Christina Dela Cruz. Christina is leading because she’s scored media hits in Bloomberg, Axios and Fortune, just to name a few. She’s written bylines and award applications that have received top-tier national recognition, including a SIIA CODie Award for one of our FinTech clients. Needless to say, she deserves the spotlight and a run around the ring with that shiny belt. 

It’s still anyone’s match, though. There are quite a few teammates on her heels ready to snatch that belt at any time including our reigning 2019 champion, Patrick Taylor. This digital mastermind is exceeding search ad CTRs and social media ad conversion rates left and right. Who will ultimately win 2020? Follow us on Instagram to find out.

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