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geothinQ’ GIS software helps real estate and land professionals make return-worthy land investment decisions with detailed property data and interactive maps. geothinQ first approached Alloy in 2017 looking to create a brand infrastructure that would drive self-service sales instead of its previous focus on custom solution builds. After conducting persona research and several stakeholder interviews, we created unified brand messaging focused on how geothinQ empowers users to make smarter land decisions and realize faster, greater returns. We then translated that messaging into an optimized website, a suite of content marketing assets and case studies.

After this foundational project, geothinQ returned to Alloy once again in 2020 for ongoing marketing strategy and implementation, where it remains a client today. This time geothinQ needed to expand revenue derived from online signups to meet its business growth goals.

Alloy assessed geothinQ’s inbound marketing efforts and developed a plan that optimized the sales pipeline from top to bottom. From SEO enhancements and social media at the top of funnel to targeted ads mid-funnel to email marketing to increase close and retention rates, Alloy now leads a robust marketing program for geothinQ that drives continual brand growth

As geothinQ expanded its user base, it was time to also focus on retaining those customers. With HubSpot, we segmented customers based on industry, lifecycle stage, product usage and more. Then, we created a corresponding customer success email marketing strategy to help users get even more out of geothinQ.  Now, geothinQ could deliver timely communications to current users, including platform updates and news, in order to make the product stickier and build brand loyalty. We also created a plan to generate online reviews from loyal users, resulting in 5-star feedback on Capterra and G2.

contacts added to sales funnel
increase in ad click-through rate
increase in website visits from email
increase in organic search conversions

Alloy drove hundreds of online signups and conversions, consistently delivering quarter-over-quarter customer growth.

Top-of-funnel content that drives leads

To attract prospects and get them into geothinQ’s sales funnel, Alloy developed regular, SEO-rich blog content, frequently with a call-to-action to learn more via gated content that spoke to the challenges geothinQ’s audiences were facing and how they could solve them. This built a strong database of potential users we then nurtured through advertising and email marketing.

Remaining top of mind through ads & optimization

Search, display and social media advertising drove traffic to this top-of-funnel content. Once a user visited geothinQ’s site, Alloy brought them further along in the buyer’s journey through strategic retargeting ads. Ongoing optimizations to our ad strategy ensured we continued to hit the right targets, aligned bidding with market needs and pushed creative that resonated with buyers.

Humanizing a supportive brand on social media

One of geothinQ’s key differentiators is the people behind its personalized support. Allowing geothinQ’s customer success team to shine, Alloy provided strategic counsel on social media optimization, ongoing content and quality listening to create a community of support that reached beyond geothinQ’s platform.

Introducing a demo request to further ease users into adoption

In 2023, we saw a decline in the number of prospects willing to immediately commit to a geothinQ trial. To combat this trend, we introduced a demo option that would let prospects see more of the platform before signing up, which resulted in 50 demos in the first 6 weeks alone, helping users feel confident in their decision to try geothinQ.


“Alloy is an extremely knowledgeable team of marketing and PR experts and has become crucial to our ongoing success.”

Chris Nichols, General Manager