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In the crowded, ever-evolving cybersecurity industry, generating news and driving leads comes primarily in the form of discovering an attack or identifying trending attack techniques and patterns. With this in mind, Tel Aviv-based Coronet, a provider of data breach protection for companies that use the cloud, wanted to penetrate the mainstream U.S. media in a big way, and use that traction to expedite adoption of its cloud security platform. 

To do so, Coro tapped Alloy to create an integrated communications campaign that would land strong media coverage for awareness building, as well as heighten conversations among influencers, generate leads and expedite sales cycles. 

Provided as a subscription service with nothing to install on-premise, Coro brings enterprise-grade cybersecurity to organizations of any size, at an affordable price, eliminating the complexity and laborious nature of traditional security platforms. With such a wide array of target buyers, no prior U.S. media coverage, no American office and a negligible amount of domestic customers — Alloy got creative to quickly establish credibility.

We started with a deep dive into Coro’s technology, discovering that the company was sitting on a wealth of insights on attack patterns and vulnerabilities that would appeal to buyers and media alike. Then we conducted deep dives into Coro’s digital footprint including social media, advertising, SEO, landing pages and email marketing, to ensure that when we started drawing buyers in, they would have a seamless, compelling experience.

We used Coro’s technology to identify America’s most insecure airport WiFi networks — a topic not yet explored by any security vendor. Entitled Attention All Passengers: Airport Networks Are Putting Your Devices & Cloud Apps at Severe Risk, the gated data report told a story that would educate SMB business travelers, interest the cyber industry, and find its way into mainstream conversation. We distributed the findings with a PR program aimed at cyber/tech journalists, travel publications, local TV and more. While PR drummed up aircover, social media, email marketing and supporting content directly reached stakeholders, with hundreds of MQLs downloading the report. In fact, some of the areas cited on the most vulnerable list came directly to Coro to solve their challenges.

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By combining PR, content marketing, social media, SEO, advertising and email marketing, Coro gained a strong foothold in the U.S., expanding its customer base 733% during the first year of our partnership.


The SMB audience is broad. To truly resonate, we needed to speak to the unique challenges of the subsects of this audience. We worked with Coro to segment its personas, and tailored our content plan with custom pieces for each. We geared bylines, blogs and tip sheets to prospective buyers operating urgent care facilities, universities, consultancies and local governments, each of which had separate cybersecurity threats.


Coro’s platform could drill down to threats at the street address level, which we used to create hyper-tailored content and personalized outreach. For example, we pinpointed the threat levels at the offices of our top-tier media targets, and sent them customized insights.


Cybersecurity is known for alarming data, which can certainly build buzz, but to truly engage target buyers, we needed to explain the data’s relevance and how to address it. We dug behind the data to explain the trends. For instance, we learned that Orlando was one of the most insecure cities because of its aging population who don’t regularly update their operating systems. Likewise, we learned that Jacksonville was also one of the most insecure cities because its vast Naval bases are regularly under attack from nation-states. Helping to explain the data helped targets understand what to look for and how to identify potential vulnerabilities.


“Working with Alloy has been a fantastic experience for us. The team is responsive, capable and very creative.”

Dror Liwer, Founder