VP of Growth

Simon Cowart

Simon is a big presence who has long been drawn to big brand stories, big ideas, and transformative tech. 

Captivated by the connected world the internet created, Simon has been crafting web tech and design since a time when a Dell was truly cool. Certified as a web designer at Georgia Tech before his senior year of high school, and building nationally recognized web properties around street arts at the same time, you could say he was inexorably hooked to the, now, digital world. Born and raised in Atlanta, Simon chose the Bronx, NY for college, thriving in that storied and fast-moving world that just happened to be packed with the most delicious Italian food known to man. 

Simon’s career started in the non-profit media world, flinging himself into every challenge from inventory and eCommerce management to digital and print advertising, till joining a brand he’d idolized since childhood, The Coca-Cola Company, in 2013. Working with the local practitioners for a global company was as magical as the brand itself as he learned about the nuances of digital marketing in Paris, or Nairobi, and how those practices might be applied around the rest of the world. Always a technology leader, Simon jumped headfirst into the SaaS world, enabling enterprise marketers at Best Buy, Hulu, and Yum! Brands to better integrate social intelligence into business strategy and crisis comms, and also brought mature influencer marketing capabilities to brands like ASUS, Nike, and Cox Communications. Coming to Alloy in 2023 as Vice President of Growth, Simon believes, is a culmination of all of these talents, bringing together a vision for technology, marketing, and storytelling that can turn client aspirations into action and growth. 

Simon lives in a “century home” in Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward with his wife, a little girl and boy, and a rascal of a pit bull mix named Nola. While he spends entirely too much time on screens, disconnecting usually means either a craft cocktail and a movie, or a carpentry project, depending on how merciful his kids’ sleep schedules have been.

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