VP of Transformation

Katherine Wilmot

Katherine began her professional career in the art galleries of New York and quickly realized she had a knack for managing people, processes and critical, time-sensitive projects. Looking for more challenging work, she found that the digital agency space was a great place to couple the creative side of her brain with the highly motivated and organizational part.

Working in both large and small agencies in New York and Atlanta for the last nearly 15 years, Katherine has found her passion in creating large scale, repeatable processes for delivery teams and the businesses they support. She specializes in large, technically complex programs and strategic roadmap building and management for clients.  

As Alloy’s VP of Client Delivery, Katherine ensures the right processes, teams and tools are in place to deliver the most value to our clients. Katherine’s goal is to enable Alloy’s creatives and technologists to focus on doing what they do best, not worry about how it’s going to get done. Katherine and her team of program managers are there to ensure this happens across every project and department each day.

Prior to joining Alloy, Katherine worked at T3 (now Material+) as a Program Director overseeing the product and loyalty/CRM pillars of the agency. Her role there was to put in place best practice processes, strong team leads and enable the agency to create innovative and profitable work for our clients. 

Today, she lives in Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. with her husband and two children. In her free time, Katherine likes taking her kids to the  museums and parks around the city, and loves a good happy hour or brunch with friends.Outside of work, family and friends, Katherine loves skiing and tries to head out west each year to spend time with family and teach her kids her love of the trails and fresh powder.

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