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June 21, 2022

Jenni McDonough


Chief People Officer

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From Oklahoma where teen rape victims will be forced to carry their assailant’s child to Alabama where legislators are threatening to criminalize doctors who treat transgender patients to Friday’s Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe, businesses are going to feel these impacts. Because these laws - at their core - disregard our human rights.

At Alloy, we are unapologetically human. We thrive because every one of our people brings their whole, authentic selves to work. And until now, they’ve arguably had the healthcare access needed to do what is best for them as individuals.

But we’ve committed to always putting our people first and we will ensure that continues to be carried out despite these policies and laws. It's why we are committing to:

  1. Cover the cost of travel for family planning for any worker who cannot access care where they live, including pregnancy-related decisions. We want all employees to have the same health care options, regardless of where they live and choose what is best for them. 

  2. A floating holiday in the 2H 2022 to attend a march protest demonstration and similar events in support of reproductive rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, gun reform, racial equity, or any other social justice issue that arises that impacts our people

  3. In October, we’ll be hosting a month-long company match program for groups that support reproductive rights.

We don’t stand for hate and disenfranchisement. So, don't be surprised when you see our crew marching, raising voices online, and standing in long lines at the polls. Our people are empathetic & tenacious - both on & off the field.