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January 20, 2024

Simon Cowart


VP of Growth

The stories we tell are deeply impacted by the means through which we tell them, and the last decade has fundamentally altered both our delivery mechanisms and our ability to make an impact. As an agency that works with brands to help them tell their stories, we’ve had to shift our approach, build different teams, and deconstruct silos that stand in the way. We’ve worked hard to determine the best path forward in the digital age—and found that by embracing the evolving art of storytelling, we connect better, more meaningfully, and with greater potential for measurable impact.

Consumption in a modern world

We exist in the Attention Economy, a term coined by Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon—a world in which there are endless opportunities to spend what is now a scarce commodity: focus. The modern buyer has more demands on their time and attention than ever before. But buyers are also people, consuming a wide range of media channels every hour of every day — whether they realize it or not. All this fragmented consumption leads to fragmented focus — and that’s where the art comes in.

In 2023, we studied engagement across a variety of audiences (take a look at our The Era of Engagement playbook) and found that even outside Alloy, the tools marketers use to measure impact have evolved from things like page views and bounce rates to the caliber of experiences themselves — and that’s a much taller metric for us marketers. At its core, that means that quality and depth counts. That meaning is more than surface level. And that somehow in the Attention Economy — even with its lack of focus — people are paying real attention.

A focus on the work

In our work with clients of all kinds — from enterprise-level nonprofits like Georgia Aquarium to B2B innovators like Instant — engagement and meaning rein supreme. We’ve found that the only way to reach KPIs and to hit conversion goals is to approach storytelling in a new way that’s equal parts killer content, delightful functionality, and meticulously woven narratives that spin the right stories about businesses, products, accomplishments and results. The best path forward is unified — where great PR drives to amazing experiences supported by ongoing engagement and differentiated support. conception of brand that matches the touchpoints of the contemporary brand.

What’s more, technology affords us new ways of approaching data — which means that today we’re better at understanding those very human impulses that drive buyer interactions. When you pair that deeper understanding of buyer personas with truly integrated marketing solutions — that continuum of PR to digital to demand gen to digital platforms and beyond… Well, that’s where you see real results. Better data + better-threaded marketing = measurable impact.

A year ago, Alloy took a big step forward to ensure we were on the right track… We built an even stronger team, reoriented around how our services fit together for modern storytelling, and doubled down on leveraging technology to break through the Attention Economy. The result? The Alloy way of evolved storytelling — which seamlessly and deliberately brings audiences and brands together — is a whole new way of marketing and a break from the agency models of the past.

We know we’re different. But we think that’s great — because the world today is different, and calls for a different approach to marketing.

Reach out — we’d love to show you how we work.