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December 11, 2018

Anna Ruth Williams



Regardless of size or industry, it’s not often that a company achieves most of the goals it establishes for any given year. This is especially true for the tech public relations industry, where an abundance of extenuating circumstances and numerous unforeseen obstacles and challenges – many of which are outside of the agencies’ control – regularly interrupt business continuity, subsequently forcing goals to change or to go unmet. When combined with the reality that agencies have for far too long operated as a revolving door for both employees and clients, the ability to complete the work necessary to meet or exceed internal expectations for a year is extremely difficult at best, and completely unachievable at worst.

As you know from previous blog posts, Alloy was built to buck these types of trends and pave a new course for the industry, and in 2018 the agency once again did just that. For the preceding 12 months, Uncommon Crew team members worked diligently to PRopel What’s Possible for their clients every single day. As a result, we not only met the vast majority of our 2018 goals - we eviscerated them.

And with three weeks left in the year, we’re tracking towards hitting several more milestones just in time. While many professional services businesses taper off around the holiday season, the Uncoomon Crew pushes on, inspired by our clients and determined to do great work every single day. And where we fall short, it won’t be by much, and we’ll be extra motivated to persevere through such challenges next year.

So, just what did we accomplish in 2018? We’re glad you asked! Here are some of our proudest accomplishments (that we can share):

Client Service

  • All clients rated us a 4 or higher (out of 5) on their annual client survey

  • Earned over 75 Tier 1 media placements and counting….

  • Earned over 30 broadcast TV segments and counting…

  • Executed more than 10 LinkedIn paid advertising campaigns with a CTR of .5% or higher

  • Helped our clients win 25 prestigious awards

  • Drove 5,045 leads to clients’ sales funnels

  • Produced 300 content pieces spanning blogs, white papers, case studies, infographics, etc.


  • Grew to 16 full-time employees, 5 contractors and 1 intern (and we’re still hiring!)

  • Renewed 9 retainers and signed 6 new retainers

  • Grew HealthIT practice group by 149 percent YoY

  • Grew cybersecurity practice group by 183 percent YoY

  • Named PR News’ Small Agency of the Year & Most Innovative Cybersecurity PR firm

  • Increased employees’ quarterly commissions by 60 percent YoY

What a difference a year makes. Just 12 months ago, we were coming off of a brand refresh, our 5th birthday, the launch of the Future of PR and much more. It was truly a transformative year.

Now as we ascend into 2019, we have set forth many new but impressive and challenging client and agency goals to strive for in the coming year. With the team we’ve put in place, I wouldn’t bet against us.

Want to be part of the journey and help us push the limits of what a PR firm can achieve? Visit our careers page to see if our openings are a fit for you.