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April 08, 2021

Jenni McDonough


Chief People Officer

public relations office

Full-time employment at Alloy comes with a slew of perks and benefits built to be as unique and all-encompassing as our Panorama Approach. Opportunities to be a part of award-winning client teams or fast-track leadership opportunities that traditional PR agencies cannot or will not provide is just the start. If we learned anything during a global pandemic it’s that work should be fulfilling, impactful, inclusive and, of course, a little fun. That’s why a one-size-fits-all benefits package just doesn't work. 

So, we meet each individual where they are in their life - whether that’s generous parental leave, or it’s providing a robust training and development package (which, according to the latest PRWeek salary survey only 39% reported having as a benefit). Bottom line, we meet every employee where they are because our number one priority at Alloy is always our people. 

This people-first culture is the reason why we’re a top tech PR agency with the ability to PRopel What’s Possible - for our clients, for our own careers and for our industry’s future. As we’ve honed what culture means at Alloy, we’ve consistently looked to our six Spirited Ideals to guide us. And the perks & benefits of our culture are no exception, beginning with our Passionate Curiosity ideal.

  • Professional development is the cornerstone of our culture and benefits, and we take it seriously (we’re passionately curious, after all ). Every member of the Uncommon Crew receives a generous annual stipend, a lifetime membership to the Alloy Academy (our customized,  internal prof dev program), tickets to Alloy's mid-year and year-end retreats (a.k.a., internal mini-conferences) and a monthly stipend to spend on profdev of particular interest to them. And because Learning Never Ceases, the agency invests an average of $3,200 and 44 hours per year in professional development on each employee, compared to the national average of $1,200 and 31 hours - that’s ~40% more

  • Financial compensation also looks a little different here. Our generous packages begin with a base salary that is above the southeastern regional average. Then, there are two additional ways to earn more:

    • Commissions: regardless of title, rank, or experience Alloy is one of the first PR agencies with this innovative, proprietarily structured incentive model. We often get asked why we do this. And it’s quite simple - we uphold the In All Things: Service spirited ideal. By serving each other, we’ll create a cohesive, trusted team.

    • Annual Bonus: Alloy also provides year-end bonuses to each of its team members, because the agency believes in giving back year-end profits to everyone who contributed to our success.

    • Did you know that an average tenure of an employee these days is only 4.6 years? We celebrate success in a myriad of ways but one of the most special and fun is celebrating an employee’s #workiversary. Each year an employee spends with Alloy, they receive a different gift of appreciation, including an engraved Apple Watch at five years, and a one-month paid sabbatical for those celebrating their sixth anniversary. Something to look forward to, right?

    • Our PTO policy is pretty simple, too. It’s unlimited. This includes vacation, bereavement, sick and personal days. So, you don’t have to wait until year six to take that dream vacation.

    • We want this army to be awesome, not only in their careers but in their personal lives as well. Whether you abide by the work-life balance or work-life integration model, Desiring To Be The Best means making health and wellness a top priority. We are proud to offer employees monthly ClassPass Membership, which gives you flexible access to a global network of 14,000 fitness studios. 

    • When Anna Ruth started this business, she always wanted it to be a different kind of agency, one where work-life balance was encouraged, and that mission helped us to Drive Change, breaking the normal 9 to 5. In fact, each Alloy employee is entitled to a flexible work schedule that meets their unique needs, setting a work schedule that works best for them; whether it’s time in the office to collaborate or concentrate, or the option to work from home before their kid’s school play, or even from an airplane while they jet off for a fun, post-pandemic weekend away. 

Despite the pandemic, living by these spirited ideals allowed our tech PR agency to promote 50% of the team in the last year, further validating our commitment to one of our most important stakeholders – our employees.

Want to work for one of the top tech PR agencies in the Southeast and become a card-carrying member of the Uncommon Crew? Click here to learn about even more perks and benefits and how you can work for us.