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March 02, 2023

Simon Cowart


VP of Growth

In Alloy’s latest whitepaper, IT leaders share their challenges and priorities, as well as the sales & marketing tactics that are most helpful to them

 In January, Alloy, an integrated marketing agency for global tech brands, conducted a focus group to understand the impacts of economic uncertainty on current B2B sales cycles. The findings, combined with actionable marketing insights, are unveiled today in a whitepaper, entitled Converting B2B Buyers and RetainingCustomers in Uncertain Times. The agency’s study indicates that IT leaders expect their spending to increase in 2023, however their sales cycles are longer and they’re switching vendors more often. 

Alloy’s focus group participants also revealed: 

  • Why their 2023 spending priorities center around the need for improved cybersecurity, hardware and digital transformation initiatives.

  • Their side of the story about why B2B buying cycles are elongated and sluggish. 

  • The top two reasons why they switch vendors, and much more.  

“Getting to hear directly from a buyer persona is rare – but highly valuable – for sales and marketing professionals. To help CROs and CMOs effectively steer their organizations in 2023, we sat down with senior-level IT professionals that all have decision-making authority. Then, we packaged their responses and individual anecdotes in this nine-page whitepaper,” said Anna Ruth Williams, chief strategy officer and partner at Alloy. “The sum of their insights was clear. In today’s market conditions, tech marketers must creatively convince prospects to convert and existing customers to engage.”

The new resource also includes two tip sheets that will help tech marketers shorten B2B sales cycles and build customer loyalty. Get the insights by downloading Alloy’s whitepaper here: Converting B2B Buyers and Retaining Customers in Uncertain Times.

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