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Customer success is increasingly a boardroom issue. In fact, 67% of IT marketing and sales professionals say their companies have placed a greater focus on serving existing customers in the past 12 months.  Alloy’s first-of-its-kind research takes an in-depth look at customer lifecycle challenges as well as up- and cross-selling demands facing today’s global tech brands.

What's Inside

Alloy surveyed B2B tech professionals across the globe in order to better understand top customer marketing challenges and how IT brands are tackling them.

In this 9-page data report, software marketing and sales leaders will better understand: 

  • What’s causing companies to prioritize the customer lifecycle over the sales funnel

  • Which departments are ultimately responsible for customer revenue growth and inhibitors to their overall success.

  • How the modern customer journey parallels the traditional B2B buying journey

  • And much more

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