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October 15, 2015

Team Member Renee Spurling

Renee Spurlin


Executive Vice President

Space is the body language of any organization. Alloy grew from a small desk in an apartment to bigger and bigger office suites in one of Atlanta’s co-working environments. Spurred by growth and momentum, Alloy recently made the decision to triple the size of its Atlanta headquarters, and I was honored to be tasked with making the next step a reality.

On September 28th, we moved into nearly 2,000 square feet in the historic Biltmore building located in Atlanta’s Tech Square.

The office environment isn't just the physical space you inhabit. Small, large or shared, it's what you do within that space that can influence everything from overall employee happiness to daily output. The FEEL of the office is far more important than anything else. Our new digs have tons of natural light, and perhaps most critically, more alternative workspaces. These spaces, such as a family room area and a cozy nook, provide our team with opportunities to change-up their environment during the day. More than one team member agrees it really does feel like home. It’s exciting having our own space, but it's like we've always been here. There are little touches of culture in every corner, as well as displays of our mottos and motivators.

Interaction is key in our work environment. Regardless of how great an idea might be, more important is the team that executes it. You have to provide an environment that will allow for team members to optimally operate together. Our team members love the ability to shout out to anyone on the team in our open new office, as well as the additional brainstorm space. The way your environment is set up can foster an incredible ecosystem for your team. Harnessing the right energy matters more than anything else. If you have the right energy, and people agree that it feels right and passion is floating in the air, then all you need to do is make sure people can focus and "crush it" and the rest will play out!

Ultimately, every company needs to go through phases of growth and a sense of achievement in order for people to truly appreciate the corporate momentum. Alloy’s team is excited to show off our new space as living proof that all our hard work has paid off over the past couple of years. It’s a transformational move that validates the business and its success. It feels rewarding, as we’ve all worked hard to arrive at this new reality.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. And together, we are kicking it in the world of tech PR. See what we’re already accomplishing in our new space – hop over to our latest client results and follow us on Twitter. Want to work for the fastest growing tech PR firm? We’re hiring!