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October 14, 2013

Anna Ruth Williams



In recent years, the landscape of the online newsroom has seen a significant shift. With media being more accessible and web development becoming more affordable, online newsrooms are taking a more personalized approach to attract media. As journalists are no longer the sole provider of news, now, more than ever, it is important to have an online newsroom centered on social media branding. Combining branding and modern SEO practices, you can easily maximize your online newsroom for traditional jounalists and social media sharing.

Use Multimedia:

Videos and pictures are a great way to digitally interact with the media. Videos full of statistics and other information about your brand gives reporters information without going through the hassle of obtaining it organically. According to Search Engine Watch, 51% of brands fail to provide quality images on their online newsroom. Don’t forget to include your company’s logos and leadership headshots, enabling reporters to easily snag your image assets.

Feature blogs and other corporate content:

Blogs are a great way for reporters to keep up with your industry’s current trends and provides them with easy access to story content.

Get Organized:

This is an easy strategy to overlook, but organizing your items (press releases, news clips, etc.) in your online newsroom makes finding everything much easier and allows the media and others using your newsroom to quickly navigate and extract the information they need.

Keep it fresh:

This seems like a no-brainer, but it is just as important as the previous tips. Fresh content keeps the media and your visitors entertained, while increasing that all too precious SEO value. Nearly one out of every three companies don’t keep their content up to date; don’t be one of those companies.

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