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October 28, 2020

Cortney Wiiliams


Group Director, HealthTech

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COVID-19. Murder hornets. Zombie hurricanes. While 2020 has brought everyone an onslaught of challenges, one tech sector received an abundance of opportunity this year: FinTech. This isn’t surprising given that the 2008 financial crisis opened the doors for FinTechs to compete and sell to traditional financial institutions. Just think about how this year unfolded. When banking locations shut down due to the pandemic, consumers relied heavily on online services and products to access their bank accounts or refinance their mortgages. If anything, the pandemic proved that financial technology is needed now more than ever.

So how do you grab buyers’ attention in one of the world’s most competitive industries, with new players emerging just about every single day? You step up your integrated marketing efforts, or as we like to call it at Alloy, your methodology.

Drive Conversions with the Panorama Approach

Because today’s buyers need 10 or more touchpoints to convert, FinTech marketers need multiple touchpoints to push prospects down the sales funnel. No, this doesn’t mean that you need to burn the midnight oil writing more content for your marketing library. What many FinTech marketers don’t realize is that you’re actually sitting on a treasure trove of existing content that can easily be leveraged to extend reach, increase ROI, drive demand and move prospects down the sales funnel.

Get the Most Out of Your FinTech Marketing Content

To help our fellow FinTech marketers get the most out of their marketing content, we recently crafted a playbook sharing eight proven tactics to help teams get more mileage from marketing content.

Did a subject matter expert from your company write a blog with meaty content? Pitch it to a FinTech trade publication, like Finextra, or FinTech Direct as a contributed article. Not only will you be able to increase brand awareness, backlink and SEO efforts, but you’ll be able to cross-post it to your newsroom on your site once it publishes and publicize the coverage via social media.

Did you recently create a report from data mined from your platform? Present the information via an on-demand webinar with an industry partner or create a blog series highlighting key points. 

These are just a few ways you can extend the reach of your marketing efforts. Download Alloy's playbook, Getting the Most Out of Your FinTech Content Marketing to learn more.