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August 17, 2021

Contemporary Digital Marketing

Alloy, an award-winning tech PR agency at the epicenter of the future of PR, today announced that 95% of clients utilize more than one of the agency’s six core capabilities - with 57% of clients using three or more. These core services round out the agency’s Panorama Approach, which tightly integrates traditional public relations, executive visibility, social media, content marketing, inbound marketing and lead generation to drive measurable results.

More specifically, 75% of clients take advantage of at least one of Alloy’s digital services, which include:

  • Lead Generation - Helping marketing and sales teams identify their hottest prospects and create compelling, event-triggered communications to move prospects through sales funnels

  • Inbound Marketing - Driving website visitors and then compelling them to take action through SEO, digital ads and website enhancements designed to convert

  • Social Media - Enabling brands, executives and subject matter experts to bolster thought leadership and authentically engage with prospects and influencers through organic and paid social media programs

In 2016, Alloy became the first tech PR firm to integrate lead generation and marketing automation into its core capabilities. Since then, the agency has successfully planned, implemented and monitored numerous inbound marketing, email marketing and digital advertising initiatives that have resulted in above-average conversions and triggered sales.

More recently, over the past year and a half, COVID-19 has accelerated tech marketers’ need to execute integrated communications strategies. As tradeshows and in-person sales meetings halted, these marketers were tasked with generating higher volumes of digital content and deploying multi-channel campaigns to break through in predominantly online buying journeys. As a result, Alloy’s revenue from digital marketing services is up more than 50% year-over-year.

“From our very first day in business, Alloy has always been a forward-leaning agency, driven by change,” said Renee Spurlin, Alloy’s senior vice president of analytics and digital marketing. “Today, as our tech clients scale to meet pandemic-induced demand, they’re turning to ARPR to outsource more strategy and execution across the marketing landscape. As a result, 38% of revenue in the first half of 2021 was from client upsells.”

“I view Alloy as an extension of my marketing team,” said Emily Keough, senior marketing manager at Rimidi, a two and a half-year client. “They go above and beyond to flag potential media and awards opportunities for our team. ARPR’s focus on integration, reporting and results set them apart from other agencies.”

To learn how Alloy’s Panorama Approach has helped clients like Rimidi grow their brand awareness and sales pipelines, visit the agency’s library of case studies here.