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March 27, 2024

Deej Savage


Senior Account Director

Blue lights representing connection. Discover the role of DE&I in cultivating an inclusive culture and connected workforce at b2b integrated marketing agencies.

As a b2b integrated marketing agency with a workforce that spans from Oregon to the Dominican Republic, Alloy’s people are an amalgamation of experiences, identities and cultures. Our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access & Allyship (IDEAA) Committee celebrates these differences, with a focus on enabling uplifting and encouraging conversations that create deeper connections and understanding.

Alloy’s IDEAA Committee is guided by its mission to provide a safe and respectful work environment through efforts to build inclusion, community, connection, education and talent. Through ongoing initiatives, the IDEAA committee has created opportunities for Alloy employees to connect and learn about the diverse lifestyles and beliefs that make up the Uncommon Crew.

Observing Black History Month

This year for Black History Month, the IDEAA Committee looked to one of the great leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for inspiration and insight on how to express and share our personal journeys with colleagues. Throughout the entire month of February, each of our IDEAA Committee members hosted a small group Sunday Supper where teammates who don’t often get the opportunity to work with one another came together to talk about their unique experiences in life. 

During Sunday Suppers, each group talked about personal identities and how they relate to one another. Some folks shared times when they felt “othered” and how it affected them, while others held space for those who spoke of personal struggles. And we all laughed with each other over unique family lore.

Our crew reflects

In my Sunday Supper group, I got to watch two coworkers who I know rarely, if ever, work together connect on the very hard topic of grief. Though the identities that brought them to the shared experience were vastly different, it was really cool to see them connect and support each other throughout our conversation. 

Below, more of Alloy’s Uncommon Crew reflects on their experiences in these conversations and how they helped foster connections in our everyday lives.

"I loved hearing about the identities my coworkers were proud of. From military spouses to 'oldest sisters' to Atlantans, we all got to broaden our views of one another. We also discussed the ways our identities impact the work we do at Alloy, such as cultural differences in UX/UI and differences in emotional response to color across racial identities."

- Ann Marshall Tilton, Marketing Strategy Director, Experience Strategy

“I was already aware of the fact I'm privileged to be part of an exceptional team, but it was during our Sunday Suppers that I gained valuable insights into the qualities that make my colleagues truly outstanding. In learning about their sources of inspiration, motivations, and personal values, I felt a deeper connection with them, as if I too was being seen, heard and understood. In the midst of our busy workdays, taking a moment to delve into our team members' individual interests and unique identities has allowed me to appreciate the driving force behind our company on a more personal level.”

- Hollie Barnidge, Senior Editorial Content Manager, Public Relations

"At our recent Sunday Supper, we explored the identities, roles, and backgrounds shaping us, getting a closer look at the real people behind our professional titles. A key takeaway was the idea of finding 'micro-joy moments' amidst life's chaos--those small yet impactful experiences that can brighten our days. This initiative was more than just a conversation; it was about truly connecting, acknowledging our diverse paths, and learning how to better support not only our clients but also each other, every day."

- Kristina King, Director of SEO & Analytics, Experience Strategy

Why DE&I is important at Alloy

As a creative marketing agency, our work goes well beyond the walls of our meetings. We don’t just influence other companies, we influence their employees, their customers and their industry leaders. Alloy’s campaigns target a variety of markets including healthcare, fintech, supply chain, financial services, nonprofit and edtech, and we have a responsibility to ensure that our crews have a foundational understanding of those diverse audiences.

The IDEAA Committee is fundamental to creating a safe environment where team members can show up as their true selves and thrive in an environment of trust, respect, support and openness. By seeing and understanding each of our team members as individuals first, we are inspired and encouraged to build creative programs absent of the fear of discrimination or judgment. Within the walls of Alloy, conversations build connection and community that accelerates and fuels our creativity.

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