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March 17, 2022

Patrick Taylor


Senior Director, Performance Marketing

SaaS company working on lead generation together

When land stakeholders such as solar developers, economic development teams, homebuilders, and civil engineers need to make quick, return-worthy land investment decisions, they turn to a GIS platform like Latapult to drive smart data-driven land decisions.

In order to reach these stakeholders and onboard them to their GIS platform, Latapult has partnered with Alloy for the past two years to drive bottom-of-funnel leads that convert into full-time Latapult users.

We recently discussed the role of lead generation tactics in driving growth for Latapult's user base with General Manager Christopher Nichols.

QUESTION: What drew you to the GIS industry and your current role at Latapult?

ANSWER: I’ve always been fascinated by maps. Throughout my entire time in undergraduate and my master's program, I had heard about GIS technology and how mapping could be utilized to solve problems. The fact that somebody could tell a complex story very simply with a map really attracted me to the industry.

Today in my role at Latapult as General Manager, I make sure that we embrace GIS technology to solve complex land decision challenges for our customers. GIS is truly a passion of mine and I seek to democratize it for all those who can benefit from it.

QUESTION: What lead gen best practices are the most important within a client-agency partnership for you?

ANSWER: The best lead gen practices stem from a client-agency relationship where the agency understands our product, our industry, and is, in turn, able to match the demand of the market with marketing tactics that keep us in front of qualified buyers on a consistent basis.

Best practices that have led to success for us with Alloy have included ongoing content creation and consistently optimized digital ads.

QUESTION: Meeting prospects in their moment of need as they’re seeking out a solution has never been as important as it is now. What lead gen tactics have you found to be most successful at bringing in qualified leads?

ANSWER: Anything and everything that contributes to search engine domination for Latapult. Our content marketing is fueled by consistent blogging, social media, and website updates that help our prospects not only find us on search engines but also position us as a thought leader in the GIS space.

Of course, digital ads are also highly effective at bringing in new prospects that convert into customers.

QUESTION: How do you see Latapult's lead gen program evolving over the coming year as the GIS industry continues to change?

ANSWER: Placing an emphasis on marketing moments that can create a really big splash for us such as conferences, new product launches, and announcements. The planning that goes into these moments is really key, especially in maintaining a cross-channel presence that keeps our customers and prospects informed of how Latapult is continuing to grow.

QUESTION: How do you measure the success of your lead gen program?

ANSWER: It’s all about the bottom line. We ask ourselves if our marketing efforts are driving qualified leads, signups, and customer retention. So, it’s revenue-based/customer-growth oriented in measurement.

If we grow our customers and revenue, then we’re able to invest more in our product to make it even better, and then invest more in our marketing as well.