High Flying Marketing KPIs

110 media placements in 30 days

337% increase in website visits

Hundreds of report downloads, many of which were MQLs

Anxious to Take Flight in the U.S. Market

Israel-based Coro, an AI cybersecurity software provider, enlisted Alloy to help it enter the U.S. market and go from a relatively unknown startup to a respected brand, especially among its target SMB buyers.

We loved the entrepreneurial and infectious DNA of the company, so we weren’t suprised when they quickly tasked us to come up with a big idea that would put the newcomer at the forefront of the U.S. news cycle and at the top of social media feeds.

With no real prior U.S. press coverage, no American office, nor a substantial amount of domestic customers – Alloy got creative.

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Alarming Data That No One Had Seen Before

We developed an idea to use Coro’s technology to identify America’s most insecure airport WiFi networks – a topic not yet explored by any security vendor.

Coro’s platform produced a threat visualization, which became the genesis of an inbound marketing campaign. Entitled, Attention All Passengers: Airport Networks Are Putting Your Devices & Cloud Apps at Severe Risk, the gated data report told a story that would educate SMB business travelers, interest the cyber industry, and find its way into mainstream conversation.

It was distributed using a PR program aimed at cyber/tech journalists, travel publications, local TV and more. And while PR drummed up aircover, social media, email marketing and supporting content was used to directly reach stakeholders.

Seamlessly Landing Press, MQLs and Lasting Influence

The morning that the report landing page went live, so did a exclusive. Tier 1 headlines started exploding in outlets such as Tech Republic, Fortune and Yahoo. Within literal minutes – Coro went from being unknown to being on the homepages of the most authoritative websites in America.

Coupled with blogs, bylines and social media, Coro successfully planted its flag as a cybersecurity vendor to watch, and reached the palms of the unique SMB buyer persona. In fact, saw a 337% increase in MoM website visitors.

Today, the brand is well known in the U.S., has a large Chicago office and is valued at over $500M.

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“Working with Alloy has been a fantastic experience for us. The team is responsive, capable and very creative.”

Dror Liwer

CMO, Coro

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